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Gastric Bypass-The Ugly Truth |

Gastric Bypass-The Ugly Truth

10382332_10203204252601399_8640346417933740801_o Sometimes when people start dabbling into the idea of having gastric bypass surgery for themselves they tend to look at the surgery through rose colored glasses. While the surgery itself can be a lifesaver if you do your part, it also has a costly side effect that remains for life and you need to be made aware of this before making your decision on weight loss surgery.

One of the things I did during the last eight  months was to educate myself on not only the procedure itself but also the long term commitment it was going to take on me both financially and emotionally. While the initial cost of getting your gastric bypass surgery is enormous you have to remember that there will be lifelong financial commitments you will have to do for life, and you need to figure this into your monthly budget. The biggest monthly expense you will have is your supplements and vitamins that with a gastric bypass surgery you will be required to have for your lifetime. Also vitamins and supplements are not usually covered under your insurance so this is an out of pocket of expense you MUST be sure that you and your family can afford before even thinking of having surgery.

10560461_10203204252641400_4198161584945096951_o Alot of times patients are so consumed with the actual surgery itself that they often forget about the long term side effects that having this surgery will entail. On top of the supplements and vitamins you will need to factor in the cost of protein shake supplements for the first few months at least and these too are not covered under your insurance. There will requirements that your doctor will give you on the types of supplements and vitamins and protein shakes you will need and you will have to strictly adhere to those guidelines to stay on your plan and keep your body healthy.

The supplements that I am required to take on a daily basis are as follows below:

  • A multi vitamin I chose to use Flinestones with vitamin D and it requires two of them daily
  • B-50 and this is one capsules a day
  • Calcium Citrate with vitamins D3 and K take 3 of these a day and you CANNOT take at the same time as your multi vitamin
  • Vitamin B12 this one you take either in nasal format or in dis solvable format 3 times a week
  • Biotin this is to help minimize your hair loss and this is one per day

The cost of all of these vitamins alone without adding the cost of my protein shakes is around $25 a month and that is going through Sam’s Club to get the supplements and vitamins cheaper. The protein shakes can run anywhere from $29-40 a canister depending on the type of protein you are getting and one canister will last around two weeks and these are in place of your meals so you need to factor in this additional cost as well. An extra $50-75 a month does not sound like a lot but it is when you add this up over your lifetime, so please make sure before you decide on gastric bypass that you are aware that will be additional lifetime cost you will have to make.



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