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The Day Of My Gastric Bypass Surgery-Prior To Surgery |

The Day of my Gastric Bypass Surgery-Prior to Surgery

about-weight-loss-surgery-ga-1 So I finally had surgery YEAH! And everything went exactly as planned, and thank goodness between my support group friends and all my studying over the last eight months there were no surprises and I knew exactly what to expect. So as I go over what to expect please keep in mind each Doctor and Hospital is different.

So when I first got to the hospitial you have to go to registration to get your bracelet and sign your consent for surgery forms and then they sent us up to the OR floor. Once there my family was sent to wait in the waiting room and I headed into the OR or same day surgery room. As soon as I got there the first thing they did was get a urine sample and then also make your weigh in as this will now become your official surgery weight. Your surgery weight is what they will use for all your weight loss in the future.

After that I went to my bed and had to change into a robe and remove all my clothes including your bra and underwear and then just wait until they were ready to do the rest of tests. The next thing that happened was the lab came down and did blood-work including a nicotine test, and then the anesthesiologists comes in and talks with about the surgery and his part in putting you asleep and asks you if you have any questions.

After that the Nurse came over and they will ask you a ton of questions to make sure they have your correct health history and that they have all of your information correct before surgery. Shortly after this the Doctor will come in and double check with you make sure you are ready to go and have you sign a few more consent forms. At this point they had my family come in and say a final good bye before I went into surgery. This part was hard because you just never know if you will come out ok and being a single Mom it was hard to say good bye to my girls.

About ten minutes later they were wheeling me into the OR and putting a warm blanket on me, and that is the last thing I remember.

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  1. What a scary to experience, I’m hoping your not in any pain and that you recovered rather quickly.
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