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Weight Loss Story Of Chrissie |

Weight Loss Story of Chrissie

The beginning

What was life like for you on a daily basis prior to surgery? What surgery are we talking about here hun? The lap-band or the bypass?
What were constraints or limitations you had in your daily life? The only constraints or limitations I have and always had are the ones I have imposed on myself. Lack of confidence and lack of trusting the world can accept me for who I am have stopped me from enjoying life as I should. While I do have arthritis and have had it since I was 17, need a knee reconstruction and generally have bad knees nothing has stopped me or from living a normal life. I do suffer from acid reflux and fluid retention tho…. very badly and have to take a whooping amount of fluid retention tablets to keep it under control. No high blood pressure, no diabetes, no sleep apnea.
What made you decide that lap-band surgery was the best option for you? I had the lapband surgery done over 16 years ago. At the time it was highly regarded and pretty much the only option next to stomach stapling. For reasons unknown to me I have never been able to control my eating. I eat when happy, sad, angry, bored, busy – you name it. I knew I needed help and was so hoping it would be the answer to my prayers.
You had the lap-band removed and decided to choose RNY what made you come to this decision and how was this surgery different than your lap-band
surgery?I had been tossing the idea of having RNY surgery for awhile and tried a last ditch effort with Jenny Craig, which I had tried once before probably 27 years ago (with little success – I hated the food and simply wouldn’t eat). I lost 10 kg (22lb) in 5 weeks but couldn’t afford to keep going and I was getting hungry all the time. You see, I had my gall bladder out approximately 2 years prior after being on the Dr Cohens diet and losing 35 kg (77lb) in 6 months. The rapid weight loss triggered gall stones and landed me in hospital having an emergency chole
cystectomy. After that I found I was getting hungry all the time. Physically acidic, rumbling tummy, hungry and I simply ate to appease it. Didn’t take me long to pile the weight I had lost to pile back on. It wasn’t till I had to go on the VLCD (very low calorie diet) for the bypass that I was diagnosed as having bile reflux as well as a result of the gall bladder removal. Thankfully one of the best ways to cure bile reflux is RNY surgery. For me to decide to have the surgery I guess it became a matter of – I’d had enough. Enough of the yo-yo dieting and steadily putting on more weight. I was quite simply over it and wanted the merry-go-round to stop. It was a snap decision but as per usual when I make my mind up…. it’s made up.
What was the biggest thing you had to change about your current lifestyle in order to get ready for having surgery? So far….. nothing. Okay I had to do the VLCD so there was prep for that but generally nothing has changed. I am single, my sons live with me and I cook for them. They still eat rubbish but are very tall and skinny young men. I am slowly introducing healthier recipes and healthier ways of cooking but as I am cooking inept (my son’s will vouch for that) it’s a slow process – win some…. lose some. I chose to surround myself with positive people, only told those that I know will be supportive and positive of my surgery – most of my family doesn’t know as my family are notoriously negative.
What was the toughest part for you prior to your recent surgery? Deciding on if I could truly afford to spend such a huge amount on me.
Was there anything you didn’t expect about the surgery itself or your healing time afterwards? Thankfully I had joined many groups on Facebook as the support group my doctor had told me of only met 6 times a year… hardly supportive at all given that this is a life changing journey, so nothing was unexpected. I have had no complications to date with any of it.
How much weight have your lost and would you do the surgery all over again if you had the opportunity? I am only 18 days out from having the surgery so I have a long way to go. I have lost about 6kg (13lb) since surgery (you come out of surgery heavier than when you go in due to swelling etc). I have been through the stage where you have buyers remorse and as I have found eating anything so easy so far I do wonder if this is going to work for me but given all that – I have to believe I am doing the right thing and have faith that it will work. Because it is so easy for me with no dumping or foods I cannot tolerate I have to work harder to eat the right thing…. this is no easy fix by a long shot. Yes I would do it again.
Do you find eating out with friends or family difficult from choosing healthy options to not being able to eat as much as your friends and families? Haven’t tested the waters yet so to speak.
If you could offer someone who is interested in weight loss surgery one piece of advice what would it be? Join one or all of the Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) groups on Facebook. You need to surround yourself with informed and supportive people, not just one – many and learn as much as you can.
Your starting weight Pre VLCD 131.6 kg (290.2lb)

Your Surgery Weight 124kg (273.5lb)

Your Current Weight 117.2kg (258.6lb)


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Single Mom of two girls on a journey to get healthy by losing weight and learning to love herself again!


  1. Angie, Thank you for sharing Chrissy’s story. I am about to have my Lap Band removed because it’s caused more harm than good for me personally (I’ve had it 5 years now). I am not ready to have another surgery at this point and I’ve recently made a drastic diet and lifestyle change. I’d love to see how Chrissy is doing in a few months and if her family becomes any more supportive after they see positive results. I think she offers some great advice about surrounding yourself with supportive and knowledgeable people. I am so fortunate my family is both.

  2. Great interview! Congrats to Chrissie!
    Rachel recently posted…Zara Woman A/W 2014 CampaignMy Profile

  3. Chrissie’s story reflects the way I am so much of the time, but without the surgeries. I personally have no options for weight loss surgery as my doctor has stated he has too many patients with “horror stories” from all types of surgery (RNY, sleeve, & lapband) to be comfortable referring for that type of surgery.
    Charity recently posted…Blessed LughnasadhMy Profile

  4. Great interview. I hope you do a follow up. I’d love to see how she’s doing in 6 months or so 🙂
    Hilary @ The RNY Life recently posted…Tuesday 10 – Favorite FlowersMy Profile

  5. I have considered WLS, but have decided against it unless it is a life/death situation. I love reading about them though because my mom is going to have one. Thank you for sharing this story. I know everyone’s story is different.
    April recently posted…Blogging InspirationMy Profile

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