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Gymtimidation And How I Got Over It |

Gymtimidation and how I got over it

gym Ok you might be reading this and going huh? Gymtimidation what is that? Well it is a real thing and it basically means that you are nervous or scared to walk into a gym and actually sign up for a membership let alone go and actually work out. Alot of people especially overweight people like myself and even more so woman have this gymtimidation and it is a real growing problem in our society and I too fell victim to this for along time, but eventually I got over it.

Amongest being worried to just walk in the front doors, others like me might be worried about what the fit and healthy people inside are going to think of you? Are they going to talk about you behind your back? laugh at you for your workout clothing choice? laugh if you can’t do a exercise machine right or for a long period of time? For me what I did was I knew I needed a place to workout because that was the only way I was going to realistically lose this weight, but I also needed a place that was not going to break  my bank. For me I chose Planet Fitness this is the gym that they use in the TV Show Biggest Loser and they gym’s motto is “Judgement Free Zone”. This appealed to me personally, could a gym actually exist that you could walk in the doors and not feel like people were staring at you, or that the staff was laughing at you behind your back? Yes for me Planet Fitness was that place, inside the place was clean with tons of machines to choose from and all updated so you could watch TV while working out or plug in your phone and listen to music. But the best part was the gym was filled with people from all ages and sizes and the staff was super friendly and all over the walls and windows are motivational quotes like the “Judgement free zones” and also “No Lunks Here” and that is referring to those body builder types that grunt during workouts lol.

Bottom line is gymtimidation does exists especially for us overweight people and it is a hard milestone to conquer but I have to be honest with you the first day that I walked into Planet Fitness and completed my first workout and I walked out feeling like I was on top of the world. That awesome feeling was something I wanted, no needed more of and the only want to get that feeling was going to the gym and leaving  the sweat on the machines and the floor. I have a few tips below that might work to help you make that big step of getting off of your couch and overcoming your fears and intimidation of the gym and start on your own workout routine today.

1. Music-

I cannot stress to you how much I love my music it helps me especially when I am on the treadmill and you reach that wall when you just want to stop and quit because you feel like you are dieing, if you have a good song going and sing to it in your mind it can really help you get over the mental wall. Also a great playlist something that is upbeat and gets your going can really help you to get moving faster on your workout.


If at all possible see if you can get a buddy to join the gym with you! When I first started out my best friend was a member with me, and it was awesome we would go for a hour or two a few days a week and we would really help motivate each other. There is nothing better than having a friend to workout with and to help push each other.

3. Be flexible-

Your life is busy and you will want to find a gym that maybe has a extended hours so that it can be flexible to work into your busy schedule.

The hardest part is just walking in that door, but once you do hold your head up high and realize you are walking in there because you need help and that by just walking in the door you are already taking the biggest step to regaining control over your life.

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  1. I hate gyms, I always felt uneasy in them. Have caught the fitness bug.and would quite like to join a gym after I finish insanity, but sadly no planet fitness here in UK. Just plenty of gyms that would. Give you gymtimidation.
    fee recently posted…#BEsociety July Challenge – Day 31My Profile

  2. My friend Annie kept telling me not to worry, that no one there would judge me, they’d be happy I was there trying to get fit. So I went on a 2 week free trial to one of our local chain gyms (Anytime Fitness) and the comments I heard there were all I needed to say I’d never go back. Some of the comments I heard included people wondering if I would break the equipment for being so fat.

    Now I go to the mall and walk or go to our mobile home community’s workout room in the middle of the night when no one is there. I always take my phone and listen to music and I usually have my best friend with me as well. It helps to not have others paying attention to me.
    Charity recently posted…Be Society Wordless Wednesday #55 – Besties for LifeMy Profile

  3. When I was reading the first paragraph, Planet Fitness sprung to mind and then I saw that’s the one you were talking about! I’m so glad it works for you!
    Rachel recently posted…BFW 2014- Pure BarreMy Profile

  4. You have some great tips! I have been nervous about going to gyms because I am limited with what I can physically do, but I have been thinking about getting a membership anyway and just giving people looks when they eye me all funny like for doing things my way.
    Ashley Pomykala recently posted…Love A Bowl Full Of Fancy Feast® BrothsMy Profile

  5. You are such an inspiration! I absolutely identify with the feeling of gymtimidation and the triumph of conquering that. I am loving reading about your journey!

  6. Great advice! We have a clubhouse here and I know no one is hardly ever in there — it has gym equipment ..but I still don’t want to go down there lol.I even feel awkward walking around the apartment place with Marley!
    Nichole recently posted…Review: Thundershirt – For Dog AnxietyMy Profile

  7. I suffer from gymtimidation all the time. I know people really aren’t paying attention to me. I just feel so self conscious. I know I need to get out of that habit but it is so hard. Thank you for all the nice tips on how not to feel that way.
    Debbie recently posted…New Dial® Coconut Water Refreshing Mango Bodywash review & giveaway #GetNoticedMy Profile

  8. I enjoy going to the gym but only when there aren’t many people there. I spent a few weeks figuring out the times at our gym when it was most empty would only go during those times. I felt more comfortable in the weight room with all the guys than I did in the cardio room with the ladies. The women were so much more judgmental and nasty.
    Hilary @ The RNY Life recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – A GiftMy Profile

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