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Dejavu Moment That Had Me In Tears |

Dejavu moment that had me in tears

Cassie from Extreme Weight Loss on ABC

Cassie from Extreme Weight Loss on ABC

So I am sure if you know me I talk about loving weight loss shows for the simple fact that it gives you hope that someday you will be one of those weight loss success stories. Well today I introduced my friend to one of my favorite shows called Extreme Weight Loss with Chris and Heidi Powell on ABC.  This show is one of my favorites pretty much they pick out who they are wanting to work with and they spend a year teaching this person how to eat, workout, deal with daily life and hopefully in that years time they have reached their goal weight.

Well last night’s show featured a lady named Cassie and her story so mirrored my own in a lot of ways that for  most of the show poor Lisa was watching me bawling my eyes out. Cassie is similar in age to me and she was similar in weight to where I started she started out at 347 and I started out at 326 so we those things in common starting out of the gate. But the shocker came about five minutes into the show when Cassie started talking about what really started her weight gain, and it was that when she was twenty  years old she gave up a son for adoption and then she never dealt with that situation and it caused her to gain weight.

That is my story, I too was twenty years old when I had a daughter “Angel” in between my current daughters. And just like Cassie my daughter “Angel” would be nineteen years old, so at this point I can completely relate to Cassie and why and how she gained her weight. At that moment Lisa turned to me and she said when did you start gaining your weight and I had to think about it, and then it hit me after I gave up my daughter just like Cassie. So this was starting to get a little too similar and almost creepy, felt like my storyline was playing on the TV.

Cassie from Extreme Weight Loss on ABC

Cassie from Extreme Weight Loss on ABC

At the three month mark in Cassie’s journey Chris and his wife Heidi wanted to reward Cassie for losing 77 pounds so they surprised her with her first opportunity to meet her son in person. Oh lord get me a tissue and open the damn flood gates, I sat there in my kitchen with my bestie Lisa just bawling my eyes out. I was so happy for Cassie that she was able to have this great opportunity but at the same token I felt that tinge of jealousy of wishing that was me. However as I have told my own girls and my Mother I have decided not to contact my daughter, but instead let her find me if and when she feels like it. My hope is that she does not find me until I am finished with my journey of getting healthy, because I want her to meet someone she is proud of.

So as the story continued Cassie was able to loose half of her weight around 176 pounds total and she was able to build a relationship with her son and also in the process repair and strengthen her broken relationship with her husband. If you have not seen this show it is a great series and each episode is so unique and touches you in some way, and 99% of the time I can usually find something to relate to in it.


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  1. I am such an emotional person. This post had me with tears in my eyes threatening to come down. Anything that inspires is worth watching. I am going to have to check this show out.
    Debbie recently posted…New Dial® Coconut Water Refreshing Mango Bodywash review & giveaway #GetNoticedMy Profile

  2. Aww man, just reading this had me on the verge of tears! I don’t think that show is on here in the UK (that I know off – but will have a look)
    I am sure if and when your daughter finds you she will be proud of you no matter what, I see you as being such a inspirational woman in the short time that I have “known” you
    fee recently posted…Insanity wk 3 days 3 & 4My Profile

  3. I’ve never been a fan of weight loss shows – I guess I’m a bit cynical that they’re looking to lose weight for the right reasons, especially on shows that offer cash rewards for losing the weight. But in this case, it sounds like this show actually has people losing weight for the right reasons instead of for cash prizes, etc. I will have to check it out.

    It would be so weird to watch TV and see your own story being played out in someone else’s life. I can’t even begin to imagine what I’d do if that happened to me.
    Charity recently posted…Ignore This Post or Do What the Link Says.My Profile

  4. I don’t normally watch shows like that, but I would have probably cried as well. I am hoping that some day when my daughter is old enough that she will want to reach out and meet me. I love being able to watch her grow, but to meet her would mean the world to me and I know how that must feel for someone else, too.
    Ashley Pomykala recently posted…Bobble, Bobble, BobbleMy Profile

  5. Oh my goodness, what a coincidence that your story is so similar to Cassie’s. Isn’t it great that she was able to share that with you through the show? And now through your blog you will be able to reach and touch other people on the same journey!

  6. Oh, that’s so sad. I am a very happy she was able to reconcile with her son and I hope that you too will eventually be able to meet your daughter. Congrats on all that you have accomplished!
    Rachel recently posted…Free People comes To Birmingham- FP MeMy Profile

  7. Oh wow, that is too crazy that it was so similar to your own experience! Do you think (I swear I am not being nosey lol) that you might be able to have that happen with meeting your daughter angel again one day? I bet that would really be a nice thing for you!
    Nichole recently posted…3/31 August Blog Challenge with @thebesociety -Broken Heart #besociety #beaugchallengeMy Profile

  8. As Charlie Sheen says, this article is “WI!NINGN”

  9. have never seen this show but then I don’t watch much TV anymore. Girl you are awesome now so if your Angel was to meet you right now this very moment I know with no doubt she would be proud of what you have done and where you are headed. Just know I love you as the whole family we have become does. but you have me intrigue to watching this show.

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