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#BEJULYCHALLENGE-DAY 30 @thebesociety |

#BEJULYCHALLENGE-DAY 30 @thebesociety

30. What is the best book you read this month?

Ok does Fifty Shades of Grey Count? No joking lol I actually have only been reading one book and it is one that we are reading for my support group and it is called Mindless Eating. This is an awesome book that is less than $5 via Amazon and great if you are overweight like myself. Because the book really takes a honest approach and looks at how we all have a bad habit of eating food mindlessly and there fore eating more calories than we intended too.

index So I will be honest when we first got asked to read this I was worried that this was going to be a book that would lose my interest in the first chapter and I would never complete it. But so far I really love it mainly because I can “Me” throughout the book and all the things I have done wrong in the past and that I want to correct in future. The other thing is this book is not just preaching to you about all the mistakes that we make but they conduct field studies or research studies throughout the whole book and explain to you how ordinary people mindless eat just like us obese people.

One of the examples in the book was the endless bowl of soup where they asked dinners to sit and enjoy a bowl of tomato soup for free and they had 20 minutes to enjoy the soup the only catch was they could not actually touch or move the bowl or face being disqualified.  Sounds simple enough right. well here is where it gets interesting some of the bowls of soup had a tube attached to the bottom that ran down to a soup in a pot on a stove. And when the people would eat their soup the bowl would refill so to the diners it would look as though their bowl of soup was never going down therefore not sending the clue to their brain that hey I am full and I have ate enough soup. Other diners had regular bowls of soups and of course the ones with the endless bowls of soup ate much more and of course got alot more calories. That was a good example of we need to eat slower and look for those clues to eat smaller portions to get that full sensation.

Another great part of the book was the great popcorn experiment and in this one it showed how we tend to eat out of habit even if the item is stale popcorn. Ok in this study they asked 98 people to come and enjoy a movie and each guest got a box of popcorn and a bottle of water. The catch was either the people received one week old stale popcorn or they received fresh butter popcorn that was just made that day. So what was crazy is that the people who were use to eating popcorn at a movie theater they ate the same amount of popcorn whether it was fresh or stale, showing how eating can be a habit for us even when the popcorn is old and stale. If you are interested in buying the book click on the book below to be directed to Amazon the book is only $4.83


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