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The Reality Of Gastric Bypass Surgery |

The reality of Gastric Bypass Surgery

10525683_10203116660891661_6488500173367363433_n I was cleaning my kitchen this morning and tucked away in the corner is all of  my vitamins I bought last month to get me ready for surgery. This made me think of all the people and comments I receive of “Aren’t you taking the easy way out with surgery?” So I thought I would share with you that this is not a easy decision, and nothing about this process has been the easy way out for me. This surgery for me, is a tool in my arsenal of fighting obesity I do not look at it as a cure all that will magically fix me, and neither should anyone else whom might be considering gastric bypass.

From day one I have tried to make it clear that I will NEVER push or tell someone that weight loss surgery is the solution for them, for me I want to inform and educate you on my decision and if it influences you that is ok. Gastric Bypass for me is the right choice for me on several fronts one being that it is the quickest one to loose weight and I have alot to loose. Second with gastric bypass if you cheat and eat greasy or sugary foods there will be a consequence of dumping syndrome which you might not have with gastric sleeve or lapband. Since I tend to be a cheater every one in a awhile I wanted to make sure I was accountable to myself with the dumping syndrome.

Now part of choosing the gastric bypass route is that I will have my intestines re-routed and because of this I will then be forced to take daily supplements and vitamins from here on out, everyday for life. Some of these include:

  • Biotin this helps with preventing major hair loss after surgery
  • Vitamin B Complex with b-50 dosage
  • Vitamin b12 500 mcg weekly in nasal spray or injection or sublingual
  • Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D
  • Daily Multi Vitamin with Iron
  • Magnesium is just for me and that is because I get Migraines and can no longer have Excedrin

Some other things you need to realize is that after surgery you can no longer have anything that contains ibuprofen or NSAIDS in them. Such items as Excedrin, Advil, Aleve etc. You need to really pay attention to all of your medications to make sure they do not contain NSAIDS or ibuprofen. For pain relief you now need to use any kind of Tylenol product.

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  1. Angie, My mom had gastric bypass surgery 6 years ago and has been very successful. It basically saved her life and she is now able to to enjoy her grandchildren, and life in general in a way she couldn’t pre-op. I am amazed that there are still so many misconceptions surrounding weight loss surgery and obesity in general. You know anyone who calls it “the easy way out” or thinks you just need to “push the plate away” has never truly struggled with a weight that has affected their health and overall quality of life. I think your decision to go through with the surgery is very brave and I look forward to seeing you get healthier and happier!

  2. Oh, man, I can’t imagine having to live without Excedrin. I also get migraines, so I hope the magnesium works for you!
    Rachel recently posted…BFW 2014- Pure BarreMy Profile

  3. Having weight loss surgery is never an easy decision and you most certainly aren’t “taking the easy way out” I have never understood why folks say that. I would most certainly love to read more about your weight loss journey 🙂
    Debbie recently posted…New Dial® Coconut Water Refreshing Mango Bodywash review & giveaway #GetNoticedMy Profile

  4. Any kind of “voluntary” surgery is never an easy decision. You have to go in knowing the risks involved, what life after surgery is going to be like, etc. While gastric bypass is not for everyone, I have seen people that have thrived after surgery. You are doing what you feel is the right decision for you and I applaud you for it!
    Charity recently posted…BE Society Tuesday Ten #18My Profile

  5. I am enjoying reading about your weightloss journey. As someone who had never dealt with weight issues other than being too thin in my teenage years (scarily thin I might add) I used to be one of those who thought that weightloss surgery was taking the easy way out. I am not going to lie. But after reading and following yourself and several others it has opened my eyes to just how far the truth that actually is, and what you are going to have to do for the rest of your life afterwards. Thank you for sharing your story and changing my view on wls.
    fee recently posted…#BEsociety July Challenge – Day 31My Profile

    • awe yes I can understand where people would think it was the easy way out and if I am being honest that was the excuse I use to use. Oh I want to lose it naturally that is the easy way out, boy was I wrong lol When I went for my orientation interview and realized all you have to give up , it was an eye opening night lol Thanks Fee!

  6. I HATE when people use that “Oh the person is taking the easy way out” song and dance! I have lots of gals online that I know that have had this done and I know that it was NOT EASY by any means! I have an aunt who is having this done as well! I wish you SO MUCH luck!
    Nichole recently posted…Review: Thundershirt – For Dog AnxietyMy Profile

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