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#BEJULYCHALLENGE-DAY 28 @thebesociety |

#BEJULYCHALLENGE-DAY 28 @thebesociety

28. List five things you can do to brighten up someone’s day

  1. send someone you know flowers to brighten their day or a simple hand written note or card
  2. Buy someone breakfast we did this for my nephew’s birthday he wanted us to pay it forward so we stopped in McDonalds for our morning coffee and then we also paid for the next two cars orders. It was great seeing the suprise in people’s eyes when they realized we had paid for their coffee.
  3. A few months ago I saw my neighbor and older lady busy in her front yard planting flowers and she did something neat she planted flowers in a basket on a old bicycle and I loved it so much I stopped out and got her flowers and left them on her front porch with a note saying “Something to brighten your day” you should of seen her face priceless
  4. A lady at my YMCA mentioned on Wed of last week that she was not sure how she was going to be able to afford school supplies for her kids because her ex was not paying child support so while I was at Walmart the other day and they had their supplies SUPER cheap I picked up some crayons, paints, glue, notebooks, folders and pencils and then snuck them into her car the other morning SSSSH don’t tell lol
  5. Sometimes when I am at Starbucks I will buy a $5 GFC and keep them in my purse and if I see someone is having a bad day I will give them out and simply say “Have a cup of coffee on me” great way to brighten someone’s day when they are having a crappy day!
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