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Portion Sizes And Healthy Eating After Weight Loss Surgery |

Portion Sizes and Healthy Eating After Weight Loss Surgery

So in my support group last night the topic was portion sizes and how when we are eating normally we tend to eat several portions without even knowing it. One of the examples she used was to eat on a smaller plate, by doing so you are more likely to eat the right portion sizes then if you filled a larger normal dinner size plate. Right now I am trying to educate myself on how many carbs I should be eating after surgery, and portion sizes and more. So this is still a big learning lesson for me and I am absorbing and learning as I go along.

After surgery you will only be able to handle a few ounces of food at a time, gradually you will be able to handle more and eventually you will be able to handle about a cup of food. That is not alot of food at one time so you need to make that food count, taking into consideration your protein you need in a day. One of the examples they showed last night which was a great one is when out with family or maybe even in public if you use the size of a baseball in your mind, that is about a cup of food. That way you are not having to carry around a scale or measuring cup but you are able to visually eyeball it as they say.

The biggest thing I will have to learn and work on after surgery is to chew your food to a applesauce consistency, failure to do so could make you choke on your food, or also make you have discomfort in your pouch or stomach. Another trick we will have to learn is to eat slowly so that our brain can register you are eating and allow for a full sensation. The other trick is to learn to stop as soon as you have that full feeling and not overeating beyond that point. Doing so could result in vomiting, diarrhea and or constipation none of which are a good thing.

Another thing we will need to learn is that you cannot eat and drink at the same time, you will need to wait at least 30 minutes after eating to drink anything. And I have posted this video before but it is always great to have a little reminder of why.

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