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Getting Myself Out Of My Funk |

Getting Myself Out Of My Funk

So you know how it goes we have all been there, you get into what I like to call a FUNK but I am sure a doctor would say a depressive state. Well I have been in one of those since they canceled my surgery and I have gained weight, shocker I know right? Couple that with my daughters accident and it has been a lovely few weeks to say the very least. But the one thing I have been trying so hard to do is to pull myself out of it.

Yes my surgery got delayed, but at least it is not permanently canceled. Yes my daughter was in a accident, but at least she is alive and will be ok. Still wasn’t helping and then yesterday I decided what it was is that I have been slacking on my exercise, yes I go to water aerobics but even that I have been slacking. So I decided I needed to shake up my routine and do something fun or something different so I decided to look into walking hiking trails.

Wouldn’t you know there was one like a half mile from my house it is centennial Park in Swansea, IL  and it so peaceful and gorgeous there I cannot even explain.  From the moment you get there you see you have two choices one is a hiking trail or the other is a concrete biking trail that goes around the park. For my choice I chose the walking and hiking path because you start the trail walking over a beautiful bridge and it peaked my interest. So with water bottle in hand, tunes playing in my ears, and my sidekick Chewy we were off on a adventure.

 The trail is one mile from start to finish and it was so breathtaking it was like I was in my own little magical forest. There were other people who occasionally walked or ran by, some with their dogs for the most part it was so quite and peaceful. Even met a old man along the way and stopped and chatted with him. Now the only thing I would change is that fact that about every half a mile I still need to stop and catch my breathe, but I usually only allow myself between 30 seconds to a minute.

Now today I pulled into the YMCA to go water aerobics and realized my friend was not there today, and I decided the walking trail might be more fun. I was kind of worried about trying it today because for whatever reason I felt dog tired this morning and just dragging all morning long. So I went home grabbed my water bottle, got my tennis shoes and grabbed my dog and off we went. Again there was maybe three people I saw on the trail the entire day and it was so beautiful, and today I noticed that little Chewy handled the walk much better he was not panting as much as yesterday. So after resting for five minutes after our first mile, I decided to challenge our butts and go for mile two. And the mile two went even faster than the first. It is just a peaceful spot and I am so glad that I found it and I think it finally got me out of my funk.

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