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Cucumber & Mint Infused Water Recipe |

Cucumber & Mint Infused Water Recipe

So since I am striving hard to only drink zero calorie drinks I realized that I really needed to boost my water intake, but sometimes it is nice to have some flavor to your water so I like to do water infused flavors using fresh fruits and veggies. Yesterday while at Walmart I was actually looking for a water infused pitcher as those are really nice because you put your fruit and or veggies in a cylinder that goes into the middle of  the pitcher, thus preventing the pulp from getting into your water. However they were out but they did have water infuser drinking glasses as  you can see from my photo below, it is the same concept it has a cylinder in the middle to hold the fruit or veggies, then eliminating the pulp getting into your water.


This is a very easy recipe that is suppose to be a great recipe to help detox your body, and it very refreshing especially if you are looking for a good alternative that is not sweet.


  • 1 Cucumber thin sliced
  • Handful of mint leaves between 10-13 leaves
  • Pitcher full of water with ice cubes

Slice up a whole cucumber into thin strips keeping the cucumber skin on, then put these into a pitcher filled with water and ice which is optional. Now take a handful of mint leaves around 10-13 leaves and put this into the ice water with cucumber. Let this water sit in your fridge overnight or for a few hours before you drink your water infused, the flavors will keep stronger and richer the longer they sit in the water. You can refill your pitcher one more time with water when it is over before you need to throw out your mint and cucumber.


Water or H2O-of course is awesome for our bodies one of the biggest benefits of water is that it helps to remove the toxins and impurities from our body, this also helps to give our organs an easier job of functioning.

Mint Leaves-Mint leaves help to provide a nice refreshing mint flavor to anyone’s water, but on top of the refreshing flavor it has other great benefits as well. Mint will help you digest easier, helps with bile production from your liver, mint also helps cramps in your stomach muscles.

Cucumber-DO NOT peel your cucumber when adding it to your water and also eat the cucumber slices as well to get a boost of Vitamin K which helps benefit your body with bone health, also Vitamin C increasing your imunity and destroying free radicals and antioxidants.


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