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By The Grace Of God He Saved My Daughter |

By The Grace Of God He Saved My Daughter

So my daughter was to go on a family Fourth of July event with her boyfriend’s family for the weekend and they decided they were going to travel after she got off work at 9 pm on Fourth of July since they had a 8 hour drive to Oklahoma. Her boyfriend’s Mother and I both felt uneasy about this and we voiced our concerns to the kids and her boyfriends father who was accompany them. The plan was for her boyfriend’s Dad and his girlfriend and her daughter to be in the car in front, and then her boyfriend and his brother and sister and my daughter would be in the second car.

At 4:37 am I received a phone call from my daughter crying hysterically like I have never heard before in my life and pray I never hear again. She told me they had been in a car accident, of course my first question was everyone ok? She was confused and unsure at that moment if she was ok and if the other passengers were ok, I told her to get off the phone with me and dial 911 and then call me right back. While I waited I contacted her boyfriend’s Mother to warn her of the pending phone call from her son so she was awake and alert when the call came.  Fifteen minutes later my daughter called back and this time when I answered “Mom we were in a accident” I said hun don’t you remember calling me 15 minutes ago she said No Did I? So then she went to say “Mom I don’t have my health insurance information” to which I told her it was ok that I would take care of that. Then she was worried about her puppy that was with them “Mom who is going to take care of Sam?” I assured her that Seth’s father would make arrangements. Next she started repeating herself asking me those same two questions over and over again, and then saying “Mom we were in a accident” I knew at that moment that something was NOT right with my daughter. I told her to put her boyfriend on the phone and I told him that she was having memory issues, and repeating herself over and over again that she needed to be seen.

While waiting on more information I began the packing process and trying to keep myself composed knowing I had a 6 1/2 hour drive to Tulsa, OK. At this point I had not even allowed myself to cry, all I was freaking out about was the fact that I had to wait 6 1/2 hours to hold my daughter in my arms and know she was ok. Along the way I picked up my daughters boyfriend’s Mom Amy and we rode together. By the time we got to the hospitial we saw all four kids that were in the car,  my daughters boyfriend only had small cuts and like rug burns on his arms so he was ok luckily. His brother had to receive 8 staples in the back of his head, and his sister had to get 21 stitches to her forhead and a broken nose, my daughter suffered a bad concusion with memory loss, and repeating patterns and neck and back injury. So luckily they were alive and all in one piece.

Before we headed home we took the kids to CVS to fill their prescriptions for pain killers and muscle relaxers so the kids could ride home comfortably. We also stopped by the accident scene to see what exactly happened below is the photos from the car accident scene. Car Accident Scene Photos had a hard time getting off my broken phone! From what we know the lady who hit our kids was driving with her parking lights on and NO headlights at 4:37 am so they never saw her coming. If you are looking at the photos on the highway she was in the far left lane she hit the concrete wall there and then smashed into the back of our kids and then veered off and down a large hill and through a fence and then about 200 ft into the woods. Luckily she lived as well.

 It didn’t hit me until about 15 minutes into cleaning out the car in the tow yard that my daughter was a passenger in the backseat of that car. and I was so lucky she survived considering she was right where the impact was at. It was so hard getting all of the items out of the car that were covered in the kids blood, it was simply awful feeling. Luckily they all survived.

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