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7. A difficult time in your life?

Well this one is pretty personal, and one I do not like to talk about, but nineteen years ago I had a daughter that I gave up for adoption. This was a very lonely process, that I have not quite forgiven myself for yet. In a nutshell my husband and I were seperated at the time and I got involved with a guy who was abusive and threatened me and the unborn baby. Due to this I had to move away from my area and start over. For the safety of the child, and the fact I had reconciled with my husband and informed me that he would not raise the baby I decided to give her up. I went through this adoption process alone, it was simply put the worse nine months of my life. Feeling her kick and grow inside of me and knowing that I could not keep her was agony. The worst part was after I gave birth to her on May 19th, 1995 she came out and was the only child of  mine that looked like a spitting image of me, it was like looking into my own eyes. She was beautiful and I named her Angel.  I was only able to be with her for 24 hours, the worst part and I am choking up now just writing this is that I gave birth to her on a Friday, and they made me leave her on a Saturday and she had to stay at the hospitial ALONE until Monday when the agency could come get her. I cannot even tell you how hard it was to walk away from her, then to combine the pain and angious I felt I had to sign the adoption papers a few days later and again I was alone. The pregnancy was something not discussed in my family, or the adoption and I think it was because No One knew how to handle it, but it was a very lonely time in my life and one I know I have not dealt with or healed from fully. My hopes is with this surgery and getting healthy that I will be able to see my daughter and present to her a healthy and happy Mother who loves her dearly!

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