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#BEjulychallenge14-Day 6 |

#BEjulychallenge14-Day 6

6. Something or someone you miss ?

I have several people that I miss but the person I will talk about today is  my Grandma who we referred to as “Maggaw” she was my Step Mom’s Mother but I had known my Step Mom and her Family ever since I was two years old. So when my Dad married my Step Mom or my Mom as I refer to her I was blessed by knowing the family for most of my life already. Maggaw she was a special person and no one can match her personality or strength. She was stubborn at times and was known to hold her ground if she felt she was right which proved to be a funny ying and yang between her and her husband Pop Pop. But the one thing I loved more than anything about Maggaw is when my Dad married her daughter she took me and my Brother and Sister in as though we had been her Grandchildren from day one. Never once did I ever feel like a “Step Grandkid” or less than, she always made us feel so loved, special and unique from day one. This was such a blessing as the blending of a new family can be a difficult one, but Maggaw made it so much easier. She was there for all my big moments in my life even having my daughters, she was such light in my life and one I miss daily. I miss her smart ass comments, her loud personality, her funny one liners and her kind and loving and nurturing heart. She was our “Maggaw”


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