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#BEjulychallenge14-Day 3 |

#BEjulychallenge14-Day 3

3. Piercings and tattoos? If none thoughts on them…

So tattoos I have no problem with as a matter of fact I have four of them lol. I have a red rose on my right breast, I have one that is flowers with two banners on them that has my children’s name in the banners, and then I have a pair of owls one a mother and the other a daughter with the mother folding her wing over her daughter that I drew and designed and this is on my arm, and then I have a blue rose on my left hand (Not a great idea on my part lol)

As for piercings I have always wanted a nose piercing and might get one after I lose the weight and I don’t mind ear piercing, nose piercing or tongue piercing anything other than that I don’t really care for personally lol

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