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Fitbit You Made Me Fall In Love With You Again |

Fitbit You Made Me Fall In Love With You Again

Who would of thought that I could fall more in love with my fitbit bracelet, but after yesterday’s update I can honestly say fitbit I love you even more. For the longest time I had been using two apps on a regular basis and recently added a third app, but with this new update I will only need one. Yesterday they made some huge changes to their app that will make getting healthy so much easier, and convenient with only having to use the fitbit app.

10410929_10202908044916392_8190079934776767431_n The other two apps I would use on a regular basis was the My Fitness Pal app where I keep a daily food diary and count my calorie and protein and carb intake daily. What I loved about this app was the bar-code feature where if I was in a hurry I could simply use my phone to scan a bar code and get all of the nutritional information quickly without me having to type and search on my phone. Well yesterday with the new update fitbit as now improved their food diary and you can now use a bar-code feature on it also, so you will no longer need to have and use the My Fitness Pal App because you will have everything you need now on the fitbit app. Fitbit also upgraded their food databank so you should be able to find more foods and dishes and restaurant dishes a lot easier than before, which is a huge improvement.

Now for the best new feature in my opinion and that is the new Run tracking featured now called mobile run. This is a amazing and you can use it for walking too but it will keep real time tracking on your pace, distance, time and your route. So it is now similar to the popular app out there called Map My Walk, but now it is built into the new fitbit update. If that was not enough coolness in one update, no we have even more. Now you have built in controls on your mobile run where you can use built in music controls so you can manage your playlist from inside your fitbit app.

With the new update you can also track your exercise patterns on your fitbit dashboard. The new exercise dashboard will track your exercise routines and start to log them to make it easier each time you exercise to log it. It also includes a new calender that will track how often you are working out and exercising and then it breaks down your workout into charts and graphs. The reason I love this feature most is that it really keeps you accountable to yourself. You cannot lie when you are looking at a graph and it says on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday you did not exercise, it is all right there staring you in the face on a app. Awesome way to make  you accountable to keep moving and exercising.

So if you have been on the fence about spending the $100 on getting yourself a new fitbit, hopefully with these new updates you will find that is a great investment in yourself. Fitbit is not cheap and I understand that, but with all the new changes they keep making to the product it is becoming even more of an essential tool in my arsenal of losing weight.

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