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Something Touches You So Profoundly |

Something Touches You So Profoundly

 Bruce Pitcher &  "Extreme Weight Loss" trainers Chris & Heidi Powell. Courtesy ABC

Bruce Pitcher & “Extreme Weight Loss” trainers Chris & Heidi Powell. Courtesy ABC

Have you ever been in a car and a favorite song comes along and it reminds you of another time in your life, or maybe you watch a TV show and find something that speaks to your life and touches you in a way you never expected. Last fall I had a few of those moments as I discovered the show My 600 lb life. At first I didn’t think I could relate to the people in the show because they were so much bigger than me, but boy was I wrong there were  nights I would bawling tears because their lives mirrored mine in so many ways.

This afternoon I had another one of those moments when I watched the latest episode of ABC Extreme Weight Loss with Bruce. This the most moving and touching episode I have seen of this show to date. The show featured Bruce a 29 year old football coach with the heart of lion and more determination than anyone I have ever seen. This guy who really reminded me of a wounded teenager came from a heartbreaking and challenging childhood that still was holding him back in his adult life, which I think alot of us can relate to. His father sexually molested him growing up while his Mother was working long hours, and if that was not bad enough his Father also a High School Football Coach was also abusing his own students. Bruce’s father was found guilty on all charges and was sentenced to 15 years-Life. So all of his childhood Bruce went through the agony of dealing with his own abuse and then also feeling tremendous guilt for the victims of his Father’s abuse.

This caused Bruce to rely on food and he was at starting weight of 385 lbs., but what I loved the most about Bruce and how I could relate the most was no matter what he had been dealt in his past he was a fighter. Over the past year as I dealt with my demons in my closet, I have also found that inside of me the whole time was a fighter just waiting for the chance to escape and fight for my life just like Bruce had. Bruce had the most upbeat, inspirational and contagious attitude that not only motivated me to keep going on my path and journey I am of getting healthy, but it touched me much. For most of this episode I was literally on my bed with my box of Kleenex crying tears of joy at his progress, at how much he reminded me of myself and how if we fight for our lives the rewards are amazing. If you did not get a chance to watch last night’s episode you can watch this episode for free on both Hulu and ABC watch the current episode featuring Bruce, it is well worth the hour and half investment in your time.

One of the most powerful moments of the entire show was not even Bruce’s amazing transformation and weight loss, which by the way was amazing. The amazing part was when Bruce went to the prison for his Father’s first parole hearing and he spoke to the Parole board and told them that he loved his Father, but he felt he should not be let out.

Bruce also put into words what I am learning and feeling is that we want to triumph over what has held us down for all these years, and no longer fall victim to playing the comfortable victim card. This is a quote from the episode last night and from Bruce.

And he wants viewers to come away believing, “No matter what your struggles are or no matter what happens to you in your life, to look at it like — that was a blessing because that is what made me who I am. That’s the way I look at it. I don’t ever want to play the victim card. I want people sitting at home that have been through way worse experiences to say, ‘You know what? It was a blessing that this has happened to me. I’ve kept fighting, and I’m still a success. And the sky’s the limit.’ That’s the message I hope they get.”

If you are sitting at home right now feeling the way I did six months ago, wishing you could lose weight and get on with your life but you don’t know where to start, watch this episode and let him inspire and motivate you. Changing your life whether it be losing weight, dealing with an addiction, or more takes but one step to get you started. Sitting on the couch doing nothing, is not going to change your life and make the changes you are wanting. No matter what problem you are dealing with, we have to learn to look into the mirror and say “We are worth the fight”. Once you can get to that point where you believe that you have done for others your whole life, and now today it is your time to start doing for yourself you will start your own journey to make the changes you need to in your life. When you start your journey I hope you include me in your journey, and let me know how you are doing so we can motivate and inspire each other to keep going.


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  1. I love Extreme Weight Loss. I don’t want The Biggest Loser or anything but I always watch Extreme Weight Loss.
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