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Product Review: Morning Energy Chocolatey Almond Crunch |

Product Review:Honey Bunches of Oats Morning Energy

photo 4 So yesterday while out shopping I decided I needed some cereal to get me through this week, I normally eat oatmeal but this week I wanted something with a little crunch. That is when I saw this cereal on the end cap, and normally I do not buy off the end cap but this cereal peaked my interest. It was from Honey Bunches of Oats and it featured two of my favorite things chocolate and almonds had to be good right? Below is my personal review of the cereal and your opinion may differ from mine.

Morning Energy Chocolatey Almond Crunch comes in a vibrant and bold blue coloring that makes the box stand out from the rest, and on the front it boasts 6g protein, 2/3 of your daily whole grain and 5g fiber per serving. That is all the nutritional components that really peaked my interest not to mention the ingredients. This cereal is packed with vitamins and minerals along with your whole grain, fiber and protein count you can’t go wrong. The one thing that I should of read before bringing home was the carbohydrate count it is 14% or 43 grams and then also 12g of sugar, way to much for a person like myself trying to lose weight. It was a good lesson just because it boast high fiber and or protein does not mean it is healthy got to watch those carbs and sugars.

photo 3 Another thing to take into consideration is the calorie count for this cereal if you are trying to loose weight it is 220 calories per serving and that is before milk, not to high but it might be more calories than you are comfortable with. The cereal consists of regular flakes some oat flakes, some firm semi sweet chocolate pieces, almond slices, honey granola clusters and more. The chocolate pieces themselves had me a little worried I was afraid they would taste like the Special K Chocolate pieces kind of bland and waxy. But these chocolate pieces actually were quite delicious, they were a semi sweet version and held up nicely when saturated with milk. Now know that the majority of this cereal contains flakes like Special K flakes I realized that once you poured milk on the cereal it would go limp and soggy pretty quick, but I had hoped with the granola cluster, chocolate pieces and almond slices it would offer some crunch. Unfortunalty I was wrong, within 3-4 minutes my cereal was completely soggy and limp and that really distracted from the crunch and flavor of the other items.

Now the overall taste of the cereal is actually quite nice, the wonderful blend of the honey oats, granola clusters, oat flakes, regular flakes, almonds and chocolate pieces blend together beautifully. They have a great crunch, and sweet and creaminess from the chocolate that I really enjoyed for about the first three minutes, until my cereal was horribly soggy and limp and I just gave up on it. If you are a fast eater, then you will probably love this cereal as it will be a crunchy tasty cereal. But if you are not a fast eater like myself, this cereal may annoy you as much as it did me. The price of the box of cereal was not cheap either it was on sale for $3.79 a box, but these days that seems to be about the normal price for cereal. Post Cereal company is one of my favorites and they offer a ton of great cereals, I just don’t think this one hit the high mark they were hoping for. While the attempts were great, and the flavor was yummy it really lacked being able to be a consistant crunchy cereal, in the end I was left with a big soggy mess.


Disclaimer: I do not receive any compensation from anyone for my product reviews currently these are based on my own personal opinions.

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