I Have Fallen, And I Need To Get Back Up

Admit it we have all been there that moment where you have fallen off the dieting or exercising wagon. Well folks I admit I have fallen off that wagon! At least I am being honest, and accountable and admitting it, and at least I have caught myself before it got to bad. After my call last Monday I thought I was being mindful of what I was putting my mouth, because I knew that stresses are triggers for me to overeat. During the week I did real well I ate normally maybe a few extra items here or there but nothing major, and I was still working out.

Woman Standing on Scale But over the weekend mindless eating became a issue for me, and I am sure I have gained weight due to this. Too afraid to get on the scale right now lol. This time it was not my normal go to store and buy tons of sweet stuff and then gorge myself, this was literally MINDLESS eating. I would find myself watching TV or sitting at my desk working and not paying attention to how much food I would of ate. Then of course if I was too be completely honest I was slacking on my exercise, YES I was going and doing something daily but I was not giving it my all and pushing myself like I normally do. So now that I have recognized that I have fallen off the wagon it is time to get my ass back on the wagon. I realize during this journey I will mess up and make wrong choices, but the difference is recognizing those screw ups. Then being able to FORGIVE myself, dust my self off and get back on the wagon as they say.

So I wanted to come up with ways that may help me and also you if you fall off your wagon and need to get back up again. Hopefully once of this will help you out.

  • Be honest with yourself and othersBeing honest and admitting that you have not been eating right and excercising is a way to stay accountable and not allow ourselves to make up excuses for ourselves.
  • Remove the bad food items-If you have purchased items you know you should not have, make a clean start by getting those things out of your home and away from your hands and mouth.
  • Reach out to your support people-Whether it is family or friends or online support group reach out to people who support you and lift you up and let them know you slipped and need support right now.
  • Get yourself moving-The only way you are going to burn off all those extra calories that you ingested is to get to workout whether it is as simple as going for a walk or more. Just get moving to get to burning those calories today.


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