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Non Scale Victory Linkup |

Non Scale Victory Linkup

So this week I had  a few Non Scale Victories! One was I was able to do a mile and half on the treadmill at the YMCA without having to use the hand rails. Before anytime I would go a long distance I would have to use the hand rails for both stability and also to help support the weight of my stomach. As tough as it was I was able to walk without using it SCORE! Other Non Scale Victory this week was my daughter cat knocked over my computer speaker off of my desk the other day, and I was never able to get behind my desk before because of my stomach but I was able to this week so SCORE again lol And last Non Scale Victory this week was I was motivated to try doing two more machines at Planet Fitness that I was formarly to nervous to try! So awesome week!

Hopefully you have a great NSV to share this week! I’m looking forward to reading them all for added motivation!



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