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Top Reasons I Hate Being Overweight |

Top Reasons I Hate Being Overweight

So along the lines of keeping myself motivating and to remind myself what I am trying to get away from by losing weight, I decided to compile a list of the things I hate about being overweight. In the hopes that I can start checking those things off as I continue to lose weight. What are the things that bother you about being overweight comment below and share!

  • Having NO self Confidence (it is slowly getting better)
  • Being afraid to sit in booths at restaraunts
  • Can’t go to amusement parks
  • Afraid to go on airplane
  • Not feeling pretty or sexy
  • Being horrified when I look in the mirror
  • My DOUBLE CHIN OMG I hate it!! GO AWAY Lol lol
  • Being depressed
  • feeling like people are staring at and talking about me in public because I am so big
  • Having to shop in the plus size section of a store
  • big fat stomach that gets in the way of daily life
  • Not setting a healthy example for my kids when they were young
  • Lack of energy
  • Skin rashes
  • Any clothes that are cute or stylish are not in plus size
  • Legs hurt when getting up in the morning and knees when walking stairs
  • Worried that you will fit in chairs when out in public
  • Getting out of breath from walking or moderate excercise (This has gotten way better)
  • Having my thighs rub together or as people in the obese community call it “Chub Rub” lol lol
  • Having to wear comfy yoga or sweat pants rather than cute stylish pants
  • Can’t wear anything sleeveless
  • Not feeling confidant to start dating again (working on this one too lol)
  • Being asked if I am pregnant and how far along (sometimes I would be answer “Oh 8 months” just to get people to leave me alone lol)
  • Wearing over sized shirts to help camouflage my big stomach
  • Not feeling comfortable in my own skin
  • Not wanting any photos of myself taken
  • Afraid to eat in public for fear of people judging what I am eating
  • Missing out on fun activities because I know I am too big (working on changing that one too)
  • Constantly being HARD on myself for eating the wrong thing, or not excercising
  • Putting myself own self down for not making healthy decisions and choices
  • Having WIDE WIDTH feet (another words FAT) therefore you can’t find any cute shoes or sandals or boots
  • Feeling uncomfortable out in public Ex gym, restaurant, shopping
  • When I was still married was Lack of Sex drive

While  this is a HUGE list it is a DO ABLE list that I plan on conquering!! Just more MOTIVATION to loose weight so I can start checking things OFF of this list!

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