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#BEjunechallenge – Day 20 |

#BEjunechallenge – day 20

20. Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.

  • My first memory was from kindergarten my Grandparents had just came back from Mexico and they had brought me this beautiful yellow jumper and I was so proud to wear it to school. Then during recess I climbed up a slide and as I was sliding down I saw it, the dreaded huge mud puddle at the bottom. There was no way to stop at this point and I just had to wait for it to happen, the mud got all over my new light yellow jumper and it was ruined. I remember sitting in the office crying waiting on my Mom to pick me up.
  • Another great memory was when my Dad finally built me my clubhouse I had been wanting for forever. It was a really cool it looked like a red barn that he had split in half on one side it was his storage shed and the other side was my clubhouse he even dry walled the walls for me it was awsesome.
  • The next thing I can think of was when our cat Silky gave birth to her kittens. She was a the coolest cat she was all white and she had babies with  my cat Sabby who was all black. I had never seen kittens born before and it was amazing we had all white kittens except for one black one, they were adorable.

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