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Non Scale Victory LInkup #2 |

Non Scale Victory LInkup #2


So it time for my Non-Scale Victories! If you are not familiar with this term what is means basically is little triumphs that had nothing to do with the scale. Too often times those of us on the quest to loose weight and get healthy concentrate too much on the number on the scale that we over look those NSV that happen in our lives. So this weeks’s NSV are as follows:

#1 On Monday:

So I found out Monday that my surgery was postponed due to some health concerns. My NSV for this day was I actually dealt with the disappointment I felt after getting the phone call in a healthy way by calling friends and family to cry and lean on for support. I did not turn to eating or smoking, I was strong had about a twenty minute pity party and then pushed myself to get out of that unhealthy place and move on. Because the bottom line is IF I cannot weight loss surgery, that will not stop me and the progress I have made. That is when I will have to reevaluate how I should proceed so I continue to lose weight.

#2 Monday Night:

So as if Monday morning was not bad enough in the afternoon I had to take my dog Chewy into the vet’s office only to find out he had pneumonia and would have to stay at the vet’s office so that was so hard as well. But once again I made it through without indulging in foods I shouldn’t have and without over eating.

#3 Wednesday:

So I was running late to my doctor’s appointment and I was looking for a closer parking spot because I was running late, and I think partially I was also being a little lazy. Luckily I had to park in the very back parking lot and then it is a long walk down a long corridor to get my doctor’s office, and I power walked it going into the office and also coming out of the office. I started out wanting to take the short cut or easy way out and instead I pushed myself to do a fast power walk and it felt awesome!



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