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My Reasons To Loose Weight |

My Reasons To Loose Weight

images So since I am not a 100% sure that I will have weight loss surgery I have been trying to come up with ways to keep myself motivated to keep going and not verve off track. So one of those ways I figured would be make a list that I could print off and use as motivation for those days when things get hard or depressing. So this list is MY reasons for why I want to lose weight.

  • go to Six Flags and ride the rides
  • Feel better when I look in the mirror
  • Gain Self Confidence
  • Wear normal size clothing and not plus size
  • Go shopping anywhere for clothes not speciality stores
  • Buy cute lingerie
  • Have cutier more fashionable clothing not MOOMOO tents I currently have lol
  • Be more mobile with knees not hurting
  • Have more energy
  • Have confidence to start dating
  • Be less self critical on myself
  • Go out and challenge myself to TRY NEW THINGS
  • Parachute from a plane
  • Zipline
  • Do a MUD RUN
  • Do a Obstacle Course
  • Be a healthy example for my kids
  • Have people flirt with me and REALIZE when they do LOL LOL
  • Get down to my high school weight (150 pds)
  • Feel comfortable in a plane seat
  • Do as many 5K’s as possible to push myself
  • Loose my Double Chin!
  • Ride a bike without worrying your going to pop the tires
  • Sit in a booth in a restaurant
  • Get a job motivating people to loose weight an get healthy
  • To get into Onederland (Under 200 pds)
  • To wear cute knee high boots
  • wear cute high heels
  • Not have to buy wide width shoes
  • Learn how to Country Line Dance

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