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#BEjunechallenge – Day 15 |

#BEjunechallenge – day 15

BEjunechallenge1 15. Describe when/how you knew your spouse was the one.

So this one is a little bit weird for me as I am divorcing my spouse lol But what the hell I will play the game lol. Ok keep in mind I got married at age 18 and I was a teenager so another words I was thinking with my hormones NOT my brains lol. Pretty much my husband was the first person that I found incredibly attractive, and he really liked me alot. Sounds sad but even at the age of 18 I had very low self esteem and I think I just latched onto the first guy that really liked me. Now not knocking my husband because I really loved him, but I do often wonder if I didn’t have such low self esteem if I would of waited to get married at such a young age. But to answer the question I think it was probably a week after I met him I had feeling we were mean’t for each other. And even though we didn’t work out we were married for 22 years lol and the best part is we had two awesome girls!


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