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Day One Of Liquid Diet |

Day one of Liquid Diet

10306237_10202813114143182_4068936759676195055_n So I have to admit I am VERY nervous about this liquid diet because I have heard horror stories! I was told the third day is the worst luckily that is Father’s Day and I will be busy with a one mile run with my nephew and sister and then a get together at a winery that night.  Figure if I keep my myself and my mind busy it will help and just in case I have already told my youngest if I get to bitchy she can go to her Grandma’s lol. So anyway started the liquid diet this morning and as I posted yesterday it pretty much consists of protein shakes and then liquid diet stuff. This morning I have a EAS AdvantEdge Protein Shake in rich dark chocolate it actually taste pretty good. For my drink I have a strawberry powerade zero has zero calories and no sugar, and then if I wanted something that was not liquid I also grabbed a jello although I think this shake will fill me up pretty good! So were off only 5 more days and counting whoo hooo

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