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Gastric Bypass Medical Alert ID Bracelets |

Gastric Bypass Medical Alert ID bracelets

1f86a4525eda91f151f7b33b9c0b7dcc I had been seeing alot in my research and on different groups that I belong to that it is a good idea to invest in a Gastric Bypass ID bracelet. A medical alert bracelet is a great idea if you are getting ready to have surgery like myself or you have already had the surgery. This is a good thing to consider investing it.

When I was learning about all the things we can no longer have such as NSAIDs, sugars etc I figured a medical alert bracelet just might save my life down the road. Getting a medical alert bracelet is up the individual person, but in the long run it could prove to save your life.

Why do people wear Gastric Bypass Medical Alert bracelets?

There are tons of reasons to wear a medical alert bracelet if you are a weight loss or gastric bypass patient. To let all emergency personnel know what medications you are allergic to or can no longer have due to surgery, to let them know what weight loss surgery procedure you have had done. This is especially important for those first responders that will treat you first before you even get to the hospital.

Why is it so important for a Gastric Bypass patient?
As you know as a weight loss surgery patient we were told from early on that we should avoid taking any form of NSAIDs and try to not take them at all. The reason being is that NSAIDs can sometimes cause irritation and swelling in your new stomach and used over time can cause  you to start to develop painful ulcers. NSAIDs can be found a in variety of medication and you should of gotten list prior to surgery. Some medications that contains NSAIDs are ibuprofen, Motrin, and aspirin to name a few. So consider having in bold letting on your bracelet “NO NSAIDs”.

What is a Blind NG tube and why should I include this on my bracelet?

As you may have seen on your favorite hospital tv shows it is a plastic tubing that is inserted through a patients nose to help them with feeding of foods or administering of drugs. Now a Blind NG tube is when you are in a dire emergency and they go in using no scope or camera and try to insert a tube. This is very dangerous for a patient whom has had weight loss surgery the reason being is they insert the tube thinking your stomach is of normal size. Since your stomach is now a small pouch a blind NG tube could easily puncture your stomach. So consider having in bold letting on your bracelet “NO Blind NG Tubes”.

So now the question comes should I invest in a medical alert bracelet? And they are so ugly I wish I didn’t have to wear one. Well I can help on both of those parts. Let’s discuss your hesitancy of getting a medical alert bracelet. We will use a common scenario that could easily be applied to you in the future. It’s a busy afternoon you just got done getting the dry cleaning, getting the groceries and now you are running late picking up the kids from school. So you race towards the kids school and without paying attention you run a red light and you crash into a SUV in front of you. Now you are unconscious on the steering wheel of your car and the first responders are getting here and starting to access the situation. You cannot tell the EMT’s that you are a gastric bypass patient and therefore cannot have any form of NSAIDs and certainly can’t have a Blind NG tube put in. If only you were wearing a medical alert bracelet that all of this information within reach for the EMT’s on the scene.

Now onto the appearance of medical alert bracelets they are not plain jane medical alert bracelets anymore you will find tons of cute colors and styles to suite your personality. Here are some photos and links below:


Medical Alert Bracelet


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