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#BEjunechallenge – Day 11 |

#BEjunechallenge – day 11

BEjunechallenge1 11. Describe 10 pet peeves you have.

  1. People who wear there pants and shorts around the middle of their butt
  2. To go along with this one is people who wear their pants and shorts in the middle of their belt with a belt on! seriously lol
  3. People who misspell words and use text lingo when talking on Facebook the combo of the two drives me insane I don’t want to decipher what you are saying
  4. People who constantly DO NOT say they are sorry when they do something wrong
  5. Putting your phone in front of your face when you are out with a friend and making them sit there in silence as you giggle at your text messages and Facebook. I think people forget how rude that is.
  6. Someone touching their feet on me on purpose lol I don’t like feet lol
  7. Birds flying to close to me lol Birds for some reason scare me especially if they fly to close to me lol
  8. when someone uses the last of an item and but does not tell you so you can replace it at the store
  9. When people would rather sniffle their nose than to blow it lol Just takes two seconds to blow the snot out I will even provide the Kleenex lol
  10. When someone smokes a cigarette while you are eating, ruins the taste of the food and it stinks (this from a GUILTY former smoker lol)

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