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#BEjunechallenge – Day 9 |

#BEjunechallenge – day 9


9. List 10 people who have inspired you and describe how.

  1. NemeeThis is my step Mom but I just refer to her Mom and kids refer to her as Nemee the name they gave her at a young age. She married my father when I was fifteen and I had known her and her family since I was two and she welcomed me into their new family with no questions. Then when things got very difficult between me and my own Mom she took me in an raised me as her own child and has been there for me from day one. Been at the birth of both of my girls and just a blessing in my life.
  2. DadMy Dad and I have had a difficult relationship over the years just because I don’t think he knew how to relate to girls a son was easier they could do manly things. And of course I did not make it easier by taking the difficult road in life and making hard choices like getting married young, not going to college etc. But just like Nemee he has been there for me every step of the way and we have a much closer relationship now and I am greatful for that.
  3. Dani-This is my younger sister, just like me she grew up in a difficult relationship with our Mother that shaped alot of our lives and decision making processes. But my sister is such an inspiration she has struggled to get to where she is today in a happy successful marriage, with a husband that adores the ground she walks on and two boys that are the loves of my life. One of which has autism, and she balances all that along with her successful company, staying fit and more.
  4. My Kids-My  girls have been through such a rough childhood living with parents whom were unhappy and fought verbally alot, and then having to deal with a father who is a alcholic was alot. And they have met their share of challenges and obstacles along the way but they both inspire me daily to be a better Mom and I am so proud of both of them.
  5. Aunt Janie-My Aunt Janie or Aunt Mary Poppins as we affectionally referred to her is my Step Mom’s sister and I have known her since I was two years old when she use to babysit me. When my parents got married she took me in as though I was her own child she was so kind and loving and always reminded us how important it was for us to always include God and Jesus Christ in our lives.
  6. Grandma Caho-My Grandma was the most AMAZING woman who was the matriarch of our family. She always had a story to tell or lesson to teach us when she talk to us. Grandma always could have you laughing in stitches in one moment and in awe at her wisdom and stories she would share with us. No one in my life has made a bigger impact on my life then she did. She was like a Mother to me and I was so honored to have her as my Grandmother.
  7. David-David is a new friend to me but he has already made a huge impact on my life, he had lapband surgery five years ago and his weight loss and story has been inspiring. From day one when I met him and learned his story he became a huge source of inspiration for me, because I realized someday I could live a active and healthy lifestyle just like David and that is what gets me through this process.
  8. Tina and Nancy– These are also new friends of mine but both of them with their unique and kind and loving personalities have touched and inspired me in so many ways. Tina has cracks me up alot she is set in her ways especially when it comes to trying new things out, but in the same breath she is the kindest and most thoughtful person I have ever met. She has done so many touching and kind things I am just so blessed to have her as a friend. Nancy is the riot of our group, she will keep you in stitches from laughing so hard. And you can tell there are days when she is in alot of emotional pain, but she wants everybody around her to be happy so she always tries to brighten our days. She is a real gem and I am so honored to call her my friend.
  9. Carol– From day one I could not explain what it was but I felt a special connection to Carol. Carol had such a sweet, kind and caring personality to me she was like a combo of my Step Mom and my Aunt Mary Poppins rolled into one person. The best of the two people who have inspired me the most. Carol and her husband Gary accepted me into her lives as their friend with open arms and hearts and have just been so kind such good friends I just feel blessed and honored to be her friend.
  10. Lisa– is also a new friend and one that has touched me so much. The first meeting I actually met her in person she had been reading my Facebook page and blog and told me at the first meeting that I inspired her to get out and start exercising. Well now she is inspiring me by doing Yoga, and water aerobics and going out and doing things she wouldn’t of normally done. She is such a inspiring person who is just melting those pounds off, each time  I see her I am amazed at her hard work and dedication.
  11. Melanie-I know I was suppose to stop at ten but I couldn’t leave off my friend Melanie we have been friends for fourteen years. She has overcome cancer, her husband having cancer twice, being a single Mom and having to work two jobs while getting her college degree. She has always been a fighter and she inspires me on a daily basis.

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