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Coming Out: Deciding Whether Or Not To Tell Your Having WLS Surgery |

Coming Out: Deciding Whether Or Not To Tell Your Having WLS Surgery


Alot of people have a difficult decision when it comes to deciding if Weight loss surgery is a option for them and their lifestyle. One of those important decisions is when you have to decide if you hide the fact you are having weight loss surgery or WLS, or whether you come clean and step out and tell people the truth from the very get go.  For each family and person this decision is a very personal one, and one that usually has several factors to consider.

For me personally I had always wanted weight loss surgery for as far back as I can remember, I think I thought that having WLS would be like waving a magic wand and it would solve all my problems. It would help heal a broken marriage, rebuild my broken self esteem and allow me to be my bubbly vibrant self. Of course we know now especially after thinking logically and doing research that WLS is simply a tool in your journey of loosing weight and getting healthy.

When I initially decided that I was really going to have WLS I struggled for a few days on the issue of “Do I tell everyone?” To be honest my only hold back from screaming from the rooftops “Hey guys I going to try and have WLS” was that for years before I had always told people that I am going to diet and lose weight. And most of us in that same boat we might stay on our diets for a few days, but then we give up or go back to our old habits. Then our family and friends just kind of shy away from supporting us, or believing us anymore when we say we are going to work hard to change our lives.

So this time I knew there would those skeptics out there, and I had earned those skeptics over the years. But I also knew that those skeptics didn’t bother me, because the difference this time was I was finally ready to have WLS and lose weight for “ME” not anyone else. That is the secret and the key to doing this the right way, the healthy way by doing this for YOU and only YOU and on one else.  So them came the next obvious question do I tell my friends, family and customers that I am really going to do this? Or do I lose weight and lie or cover up the fact that I had weight loss surery. For me personally and my life, and my journey it was a no brainer.

Looking over my life for the last twenty years was a lonely, sad and depressed woman and I knew that I could maybe inspire others to get out of their homes, their couches, and their TV‘s and do something for themselves for probably the first time in their life. The hardest part of  this process was writing my first blog post, where I promised that I would share the truth and the unvarnished truth from here on out. It was a difficult and sad blog post because it opened up my life, and my struggle to not only my family members, but also my new friends and my customers. But out of that blog post and sharing my story and telling the world the truth that I needed help and I needed this surgery I also helped to inspire two other people to look into WLS for themselves.

But on this same token I know of two friends who for various reasons one being a non-supportive family and the second being work related they cannot tell their truths that they had WLS. So the struggle on whether or not to tell friend, family and co-workers is not a easy decision no matter which route you choose. But for me being honest, upfront and open about this entire process has been a healing and liberating experience for me, and one I would not trade for anything in this world.

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