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VPX Watermelon Meltdown-Product Review |

VPX Watermelon Meltdown-Product Review

10313312_10202735729168606_7070730767632712983_n So during my six month diet that I had to do for my surgery approval I was always trying to find something that would give me a boost of energy without making me crash like caffeine does. One of the things about being obese is that we are always tired and so getting motivated to workout on a regular basis can be a real chore. So one of the things I was always on the look out for a way to increase my energy levels without feeling jittery and on edge.

One of the products that was recommended to me was the VPX Watermelon Meltdown this comes in like a small juice container size but what you need to know is that it is two servings not one serving. Because you could very easily drink this whole container in just a few swallows, so make sure you only drink half of it and there is a line on the bottle showing you when you have reached that half way point. The taste of this drink to me was awful, if you like energy drinks like your Monster and Red bull then you will probably enjoy the flavor. For me it was bitter and over-ally sweet and it reminded me of drinking a Red bull type of drink. So I just downed the serving size pretty quickly to avoid the taste.

There are zero calories in this which is a huge plus when you are trying to lose weight and keep it off. Some things you should be made aware of before drinking or purchasing this is that it is recommended for people over eighteen years of age, and it is recommended you do not take this on a empty stomach. The label itself boast that it will increase your metabolism by 14% but if you read further on the label in fine print it says 11-14% for three hours.

Personally I drank the VPX Watermelon Meltdown on two different occasions both times within a half hour of going to the gym for a workout. On both occasions the taste was almost too sweet and bitter it was hard to swallow. Also in both cases I did notice a small burst of energy about 20-25 minutes in but this small burst of energy only lasted for a maximum of 45 minutes and then I had small crash just like when you are getting off of caffeine. So while it did get me through my workout, I personally would not recommend it for the price of $2.99 a bottle and it only lasted under a hour it just does not seem worth it to me.

Disclaimer: I do not receive any compesenation from anyone for my product reviews currently these are based on my own personal opinions.

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