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Sunday June 1st Blog Post |

Sunday June 1st Blog Post

So I was determined that today was going to be one of catching up on work and relaxing. Where we moved to has a nice pool in our community and today was the first official day it was open so I was determined to have a day of soaking up the sun. So I spent my morning catching up on work and cleaning my house and then packed my bag and headed out to the pool.

It was so nice to have just a day to sit back with my ice tea and soak in some rays. Anyone who knows me knows I am a water baby, I love swimming and being in the water so today was heaven. Was also a nice way to get to know some of my neighbors that I have not met before. It was funny we got our newsletter from the Community I live in on Friday and they have a water aerobics classes here M-W-F  and it is taught by someone named Golf Cart Erma. Sounds very funny but I am assuming it is one of the many ladies who gets around our neighborhood in golf carts. I might have to try it out sometime, but I am sure it will not be as much fun as my YMCA girls.


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  1. From a Twitter follow, I found you and just found your blog, and I wish you the very best! I love the water too, and I live in SoCal and the pool is open year round. We’ve already been in a bunch of times. Makes me soooo happy!

    I am adding “friend” links to my blog soon, and I’ll link to you there and hopefully send you some supportive traffic your way! 🙂


    • I would love to share links with you! And I am so glad you found me! And thank you for the well wishes! thanks again Taunia!

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