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Wednesday May 28th Blog Post |

Wednesday May 28th Blog Post

10320413_10202717118143342_7838132937079381519_n Ok so today was my first official day being home after my brother’s motor cross accident and I am officially so exhausted. It was so funny I was so glad to get back to  my water aerobics class and see all of my friends and get a good workout. What was funny is whenever I am out of the water for days at a time I notice that I get my water legs back, which means you can feel you have not worked on your core muscles in awhile and it makes you unstable and unbalanced on your legs. So it made water aerobics very difficult and I was literally sweating in the water during my workout which was great.

Then that night we were going to take my oldest daughter out for dinner and drinks at a local Mexican restaurant in our downtown area. Unfortunately I had missed my daughters birthday on Monday because my brother was injured in his accident. So I got to restaurant early on purpose I wanted to get some walking in before dinner, I knew I would probably have a few drinks with dinner and figured a little walking would help offset those calories.

Our downtown area is such a fun place to walk we have so many unique and interesting thing to look at, from our famous fountain in the middle of downtown on the square. To all the old architecture on the buildings downtown’s I just love walking and looking at the unique and different designs and shops that in downtown. I took some photos along the way to show the first few are of fountains that in front of our courthouse, and they are so pretty when they are turned on. And the next photos are of the famous fountain and the old clock on the square as well.

So after I got my thirty minute walk in and I headed back to the restaurant I realized that I had forgotten one important thing and that was it was 86 degrees out and I had been power walking for a half hour, you can imagine how hot and sweaty I was. So I arrived at the restaurant all covered in sweat and now probably stinking as well, so I threw on some lovely Victoria Secret perfume and went to meet my parents and my oldest for Margaritas and Mexican food. The highlight of the night besides seeing my daughter was the Margaritas, you probably will not believe me but I have never had a Margarita before. I think due to my ex husbands excess drinking it had the opposite effect on me where I hardly ever drank, so my parents thought it was funny I had never had a Margarita before. I must assure you I LOVE MARGARITAS lol I already knew I loved tequila but Margaritas are so yummy and I am sure I probably drank more of them than I should of but it was a blast.

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