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Saturday May 31st Blog Post |

Saturday May 31st Blog Post

10375095_10202731874872251_5244260139780281168_n So yesterday started off fun I decided to head to Zumba yesterday at Liv Rite. The class at Liv Rite is a very challenging class it is one of those things where I seriously have two left feet problem and I cannot seem to get the dance steps. I am so looking in on the class it has got to be so funny watching me, I have no rhythm and I cannot move my hips. This girls has no moves and it is so sad lol But the fun part is that I am very slowly noticing that the more I go it is slowly starting to get easier, and my old stiff hips are starting to loosen lol.

Hoping at one point that I will start to learn some actual dance moves and be able to go the club and have fun and not worry about my two left feet. It is funny one thing I have noticed since gaining all this weight was out of touch with my body I am, it amazes me as the pounds drift off all the new things I am able to do. For example in one of the dance moves yesterday we had to get into a squatting position and hit the floor and I was actually able to do this, where I am not sure I could of a few weeks ago.

Doing water aerobics and exercise on a regular basis has really helped in starting to build my core muscles and also making more limber and flexible. Although halfway through yesterday I had rehurt my ankle again, just proves I should listen to my inner voice when it told me to wear my ankle brace yesterday. Then yesterday afternoon I headed to Ballwin, MO to celebrate my baby sister’s birthday and we had a absolute blast.

Danielle has always been very musical like me, we both loved playing piano but she was much better than me. We both also loved singing and just had a general real love music. So yesterday she had some friends over and they had a jam session going on in her backyard with two guitars, some bongo drums and of course a few singers. It was such a blast just chiling in the backyard and having some fun with her friends. And yesterday was my first day ever trying Sangria which was amazing, it is rum and white win and 7-up with a variety of fruit. It had some blueberries, lemon slices, strawberries, small apple slices, and grapes and after they had been sitting in the Sangria for awhile I think the apples were more potent and powerful then the drink itself. Needless to say I drank a few more glasses than I should of, but it was so yummy and worth it.

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