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Friday May 30, Blog Post |

Friday May 30, Blog Post

1hbeJI.AuSt.98 So today started off as any other day I got my two hours of water aerobics in, it is amazing how much better I feel for the rest of my day if I just in a little exercise. The bonus of course is that I love my instructors they have become friends of mine, and there were quite a few of the ladies in my classes that I have also become friends with. The rest of the day I pretty much spent catching up on work and doing errands around the house you know the never ending stuff.

Then that night I headed downtown to League lounge a local bar to wait for the start of the Shriners parade. This is the biggest parade they have the last Friday of May each year. It helps to introduce everyone to the performers and entertainers of the circus that rolls into town once a year, and it showcases Shriners from across the country. It is fun filled two hour long parade with exciting small Shriners cars, high school bands and so much more.

As the night wore on and I was out in front of a bar it became very interesting watching people whom were already drunk by 8pm watching a parade. Some of them were dancing their butts off and thought they were the next Tina Turner and others were stealing candy off the ground from the little kids. But I learned a important lesson that night it was the Shriners parade is not nearly as much fun when your own kids are all grown up. There is nothing better than watching your kids running and chasing for frisbees and candy and more. So not so sure I will go to next years Shriners Circus. So that was my big exciting Friday but the best part was I had parked my car about four blocks away from where we were standing, and I decided to leave a little early and head back to my car. Which normally would not be a big deal but I had remembered that the night before that my daughter’s boyfriend had gotten robbed at gun point as he got out of his car at his house. And his house was just blocks away and the police K-9 unit had actually followed this suspects scent to that parking lot where I was parked at, and walking alone in the dark too. So needless to say I was terrified on my walk there and had my phone in my hand with 911 dialed and ready to go just in case. That was probably the scaredest I had been, and also probably the fastest I ever walked.

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