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Chobani Key Lime Crumble-Product Review |

Chobani Key Lime Crumble-Product Review

So as a lot of my friends know I am not a big fan of plain Greek yogurt, I personally find the taste to be on the too sweet side and the constancy of Greek yogurt is not for  me. But no one can deny that Greek yogurt is good for  you and also a good source of protein than your other regular yogurts. So when I saw in the grocery store that Chobani and started making these new flip sides yogurts that would offer some crunch to your yogurt it really peaked my interest. There are several varieties of these new flip side yogurts to choose from now and they are pretty reasonably priced I got mine yesterday at my local Walmart for $1.29 and this was regular priced.


The outside of the package is a little larger than your normal yogurt containers to make up for the crumble section that you will be flipping into your yogurt. Inside you will find one compartment for your key lime yogurt and then one section for honey graham cracker crumbles and white chocolate chips as seen below.

Chobani flip Key Lime Crumble Greek Yogurt Close

The key lime yogurt has a slightly green hue to it and did not carry a strong key lime smell which appealed to me. The second compartment with the crumbles contained the dessert section and had just enough to add a nice crunch and variety to your otherwise boring yogurt. So to get the crumbles into your yogurt you will notice there is a bend in the plastic allowing you to bend that section and easily dump your crumbles inside your yogurt and then simply stir thoroughly. Chobani probably could of filled up the crumbles section to the top of that container to allow for a bit more variety and crunch in your yogurt, but overall it was a ok amount. One of the things I noticed is that the graham cracker crumbles do soften up pretty fast once put inside the yogurt so if you are like me and like a good crunch when enjoying your yogurt, I would suggest eating your yogurt pretty fast.

As for the flavor it was actually nice and mild, not a really strong and over powering lime flavor like some key lime pies have. The key lime yogurt itself was more vanilla flavored with a subtle lime flavor to not overwhelm it. Considering it was a Greek yogurt and not a plain vanilla yogurt it does have a bit of a bite to it like you would expect from eating Greek yogurt. The white chocolate chips are in my personal opinion a nice addition, they add a nice sweetness I feel the yogurt needs and also a nice crunch factor.

So would I buy this product this again and possibly suggest it to my friends? The answer is yes as I stated before I do not care for Greek Yogurt but I do like the protein you can get it, and when I eat yogurt I like something inside it whether it be fruit or crumbles. A nice crunch to me is a big appeal in these new Chobani flip yogurts. On a rating scale I would give this flavor a 8 out of 10. Defiantly worth $1.29 for such a high protein and low calorie snack option.


Disclaimer: I do not receive any compesenation from anyone for my product reviews currently these are based on my own personal opinions.

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