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Back To Baby Plates And Utensils Say Its Not So |

Back to baby plates and utensils say its not so

Food-measuring-cups One of the biggest things I have hard time with is that I tend to eat my food way to fast, which is sad because you are not really taking the time to enjoy the food that is going into your stomach. The other reason is I use the excuse that I am in a hurry or the people I am with eat fast so I need to eat fast. That is something I have to change immediately because along with portion control after surgery you also have to eat your meals slowly, they recommend taking around 20-30 minutes to eat a meal.

So one of the things suggested from some of my WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) friends was to purchase baby plates and utensils because they would help out with portion control and also eating my food slowly. After surgery we still have to be mindful that we have a small pouch now for a stomach and therefore we cannot eat like we use to be able to, but what we do eat now needs to high protein and quality foods. So using the toddler or baby size plates and bowls will help you in your portion control, it helps to trick your brain into thinking you are eating more food while still keeping  your portion sizes under control. 

The baby spoon and forks are used to help you slow down your eating process and also to eat smaller amounts at a time. Our pouch or new stomach is much smaller than before surgery so we have to eat slower and in smaller amounts with being mindful about chewing our food to a applesauce constancy before swallowing so that we do not have dumping syndrome. If you are embarrassed about having to use a toddler plates and utensils you can search the internet for portion control plates and bowls and you will there are a ton of items specifically for weight loss patients to help them in this area. As for me a cute toddler plate and bowl is fine with me, as long as it is hot pink.

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