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My Process Of Qualifying For Gastric Bypass |

My Process of Qualifying for Gastric Bypass

do_i_qualify_banner_img1 Over the past few months I have received several emails and messages wanting to know what all I had to go through to qualify for gastric bypass and how I chose my surgeon and office I would be going through. So in this blog post I wanted to share all the info and how I have gone through this process so you are informed, please remember I am not endorsing that gastric bypass or weight loss surgery in general is the only way to loose weight, but it is the right choice for me.

I will first state that I had originally begun this process almost a year and half ago by going through Des Peres Hosptial and I was pretty much given the run around due to my insurance. They did not want to explain to me the requirements that my insurance company had for approving the surgery and they did not really want to help me qualify, I waited around for months just waiting for someone to help me. After months and months I pretty much just gave up and got depressed that maybe weight loss surgery was not in my future. Then a old neighbor of mine suggested that I go with her a her husband to a seminar at a place called New Start on Lemay Ferry in St Louis, MO for an informative seminar on the different type of weight loss surgeries. To be honest with you I debated all day whether or not to go, as the last place disappointed me so bad, that I did not want to get my hopes up and then only find out that once again things would fall apart.

That night however we first met with a lady who explained to us that if we decided to have WLS or Weight Loss Surgery that we would all be assigned a personal advocate that would help us out through the whole process, and they would handle all of the insurance paperwork and requirements to make sure everything went smoothly. From that moment on I just felt a wave of excitement move through me and relief that someone else would do the hard work. Next we met with one of the surgeons and they show you a slideshow showing you three weight loss surgeries you can choose from, they go into great detail about how each surgery is performed, how it works and the success rates. During this process if you have any questions you can so you full understand all three processes and choose for yourself which suits your needs. After this point you get let them know if you are still interested and they take your information and let you know they will set you up with an appointment to meet with  the surgeon of your choice, and also your personal advocate and your dietician.

For your first appointment you should probably leave around two hours because you will be meeting with all three your advocate, your surgeon and also your dietician. During this meeting process it is important that you listen to everything. the dietitian goes into great detail about how your diet will forever change after surgery. Most patients that have gastric sleeve or bypass can no longer tolerate caffeine, sugars and fatty foods. This is not always the case but it happens quite frequently, and often times if they do eat these items they will get what is commonly referred to as “dumping syndrome”. Dumping Syndrome is not something I have personally experienced yet since I am pre-op but I have been told it is something I do not want to experience. During dumping syndrome you will usually have a series of symptoms meaning more than one and it is usually caused from eating food to fast, not chewing your food good enough, or eating sugary, greasy or fatty foods you should not be eating.

Symptoms of Dumping Syndrome:

  • Stomach feeling full or bloated
  • diarrhea (can come on suddenly with little to no warning)
  • dizziness
  • rapid heart rate in your chest
  • vomiting or nausea
  • heart palpitations
  • sweating

After getting all of your important information from your dietician you will meet with advocate she is going to go through the whole process your insurance requires in order to qualify for weight loss surgery. Every insurance company is different in what they require, a lot of insurance companies require a six month medically supervised diet to see if you can loose weight, additionally some like mine might also require you to loose 10% off your total body weight during this process. But your personal advocate is there to act on your behalf with the insurance companies because they know what the companies require and what hoops you have to jump through to get it approved.  The last person you will see that day is your surgeon you have chosen, this is a brief meeting where he will answer any questions you may have, I highly recommend coming in prepared with your questions for this meeting. By having your questions ready it will help in your decision process and also help you to be more educated and informed. At this point you will need to make a decision on whether or not you want to go for the surgery.

New Start on Lemay Ferry, in St Louis, MO is the office that I am currently going through for my surgery, I have had the advantage of being involved in two weight loss programs one at Des Peres Hospital and this one and I would highly recommend New Start. One of the benefits of the New Start office is that you have a personal advocate the whole way to walk you through the program and handle all of your insurance paperwork. The other benefit is that they offer two support groups for you at no cost, one is held on Monday nights at the office and is led by a psychologists and the second support group is lead by a dietician and is held the second and and fourth Thursday of each month. These groups not only offer you emotional and educational support at no additional charge, they also offer you a support group and new friends who have been through the WLS process or are currently going through the WLS process.

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