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How Does Ridicule Help Someone Loose Weight? |

How does ridicule help someone loose weight?

Rob-Kardashian-Charged-with-Battery-Theft-in-Paparazzo-Incident For the last twenty four hours it has been trending on social media about the darn Kardashian and West wedding happening this weekend and unfortunately the other trending topic is how Rob Kardashian has gained so much weight. The headlines have been awful calling him fat, ugly, and so much worse and this got me to thinking. How many times in my life as a obese adult had I felt that same ridicule from people whom did and did not know me.

Whether we want to admit it or not we have all been in Rob Kardashian’s shoes at one point in our lives with people staring at us for being obsess or pointing fingers and snickering at us. This made me feel an overwhelming amount of compassion for Rob Kardashian, this is a kid who lives in the spotlight of his Mom and Sisters and from what I have seen wishes he didn’t have to. Instead of being compassionate that Rob has put on some weight, the media crucifies and makes fun of him at every chance they get, and my question is how is that helping him?

To his own credit yesterday Rob Kardashian actually responded to the craziness going on in social media about his weight, he wrote on twitter “So i found out i was trending for being fat… thank you all it really made my day :)” Why is it in today’s society we teach our kids that laughing or making fun of a handicap person is taboo and bad, but an overweight person is fair game in our society? Most people would probably not ever acknowledge this as being true, but I am sure at some point in our lives we have all been found guilty of judging someone for their size, myself included.

Recently I have read articles where it explains that skinny people will often taunt, laugh at or make fun of a obese person because the truth is they are scared of becoming obese themselves. While that may be true it is certainly not an excuse for treating someone so shameful. The bottom line the next time you see an obese person look into that person eyes and I guarantee you will see one thing, hurt a world of hurt. Never have I ever seen a obese person who wasn’t masking a world of hurt behind their smiles and personalities. That person whom is overweight or obese is still a person with real feelings, and taunting, judging or making fun of them will in no way help them but instead you are hurting them and making things worse.

So while I personally hope that they get off Rob Kardashian’s back and let him deal with his weight issue on his terms, and when and where he is ready. The reality is I am sure the media will hound him and try to break his spirit because that is how cruel our society has become.


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