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How Being Overweight Impacts Your Life |

How Being Overweight Impacts your Life

223 One of things I am finding out as I go along on this journey is how much being obese and overweight has effected my life for the negatitive. Deep down I knew that this was effecting my life but I am not sure I truly realized the extent of it. One of the things I tended to do is look at things through rose colored glasses, where things are not really as bad as they seem because then it is easier for me to deal with things.

The other day I was getting ready to go workout at the gym and sat down on my ottoman and grabbed my hot pink shoes and started putting on my socks and shoes, then it hit me. Somehow during this journey I was able to easily put on my shoes and socks and I didn’t even notice when it became easy and not a chore. Six months ago the only shoes you would of seen in my closet would of been flip flops or slip on shoes because it was too hard to put shoes that had laces or straps on. But today I can easily reach down and put on my socks and tie my shoes, this is a huge deal to me.

Another one that I still deal with the embarrassing one when you go out to eat, you have to tell the hostess you would prefer a table because you are not able to sit in booths. That is humiliating and one I still deal with to this day, but I know soon this will no longer be an issue any further. Pushing my cart in stores use to be a big one for me, because of all the weight in my stomach I would need to cart to lean on to help support my back. Luckily I can go shopping now without the help of a cart, but for years it did not work that way. The kids would want to push the cart and I would have to say no, now I am the one telling my youngest your turn to push the cart.

Seat belts are another one, whenever I would purchase a car there was a few things I had to look for one was if the seat belt would fit me. Two was if the seat could go back far enough to allow me to drive with my big stomach in the way. Now I am happy to report that I have had to move my seat on four occasions and it will only get better the more weight I lose. Another one and one that is on my bucket list and going to our local six flags and actually being able to ride the rides. The last two times I went to Six Flags and it was years ago I would watch my kids ride all the rides and I would just sit there and watch, but my goal is by next spring we are going to do a family day at Six Flags and I plan on riding everything and then checking that off my bucket list.


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