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Not Letting Food Control You |

Not Letting Food Control You

TYC-TEXT-PIC This is one I will be working on for awhile I am sure, and that is not letting food control your life. Food is a hard addiction to give up because you need food to survive, it is not like being a drug addict or alcoholic where we could just stop our addictions cold turkey. No we have to have food to survive in this world and it is not something we can walk away from.

If we really look at our lives food is all around us from being on the internet to great recipes that are in your feed on Facebook, to great recipes on Pinterest, or how about those family get together where everyone gathers around great food dishes from your childhood. There is no way to avoid food and how it impacts everyone, but we can do is to start to deal with those triggers that help us to choose the bad food items we know we do not need like sugary foods, fast food, and fried and salty foods.

Over this six month journey I have struggled a lot with these issues myself, because if I am feeling a little down or having a bad day it is so much easier for  me to stay in my sweats at home then go to the gym. Or to order fast food or take out then actually getting off my butt and going to the kitchen to cook myself something healthy. Not going to lie I have been there and done that, and there have been days where I will stop at McDonald’s for a plain grilled chicken because I just don’t feel like cooking for myself, but the difference is now I will choose a healthy option that I won’t feel guilty about later.

I’m tired of punishing myself for sitting down and eating a piece of cake that I shouldn’t have or stopping and getting fast food that I didn’t need. Now I try to really think about what I put in my body and food choices, and it is not to say I don’t slip and eat something wrong occasionally. But now a days when I do fall off the wagon as they say, I get right back on and I will increase my exercise level to help counteract all those calories I digested, and I really try not to beat myself  up over my failures. Anyone that follows me on Facebook or here on my blog knows I live a very active lifestyle and I am not home alot to make all my meals, so I do tend to eat out alot or eat protein bars and shakes in between. The difference now is that I am always conscious of how those extra calories are going effect me. Try to take control over your life and when you have those bad days try to make healthy food choices if you are craving something sweet have some fruit or yogurt or if you are craving something salty have some air pop popcorn or pretzels. There is a always healthier food options to choose from that will still appease your food cravings.

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  1. This is a great post. I just wrote something similar in my about page about food addiction. When someone told me that a few months ago it really clicked – you can’t go cold turkey on food like you can with alcohol or drugs and yet people don’t see how hard it can be. You are an inspiration angie.

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