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I-did-it-crown1 I think the title of this blog post pretty sums up how I am feeling at this present moment. I worked hard over the last six months trying to adjust my diet, and my way of thinking and my relationship with food to get me ready for my bypass surgery. Yesterday I did my sixth weigh in and when I started this journey I was at 326 pounds and my insurance company required that I lose 10% of my body weight to qualify for surgery.

Yesterday was a crazy day I had been worried all week because the number I  had to hit was 291 on the scale and I have been fluctuating between 293-291 all week long so I was worried. One of the things I found myself trying to do all week was sabotage myself into eating fatty and sweet foods. It was ridiculous that my mind was trying to sabotage me when I had come so far, and it was so hard at times to fight off the urge to stray and just have one cupcake. So I get into my doctors office at 11:00 am at this point I have done two hours of water aerobics and I have had nothing to eat but a little of water so I could keep my weight down for the weigh in. The moment came and I stepped on that scale and it read 293 I almost passed out on the floor.

That was not an exaggeration I was so mad at myself, I had worked so hard to be sidetracked and denied over two pounds was just heartbreaking. We go into the room and I sit on the doctors exam table and I am trying to keep my composure and I feel the tears just welling up in my eyes. Then my Doctor comes in with his sweet disposition and says “So how did we do?” and it is at that moment that the damn breaks and I just break down. I tell him I failed I was two pounds too heavy, they will deny me and make me start this whole six month process all over again. After taking a moment to compose myself I felt myself staring down two roads, one was to simply give up I tried and it just didn’t work and this was the road I was leaning towards. The second path was to pull up my big girl panties as  my Grandma would say and fight.

So after speaking with Doctor he suggested I go get some healthy lunch and then go work out or go the sauna and come back before they closed at 4:30 pm and try to weigh in again and see if I had lost the two pounds I needed. My first reaction was that there was no point, because the one thing I know about my body is that I gain weight throughout the day from eating and drinking so I really didn’t see a point in coming back in. But not wanting to give up I decided to grab a salad and go home and grab my hot pink tennis shoes and head to the gym and fight like I have never fought before. So off to Planet Fitness I went and I worked for two solid hours and I moved between the treadmill, exercise bike, back to treadmill then to elliptical, back to treadmill, then to stair machine and finally back to treadmill. Now at this point my blood sugar is plummeting from not eating enough food, so a few small mints later I headed to my YMCA to sit in their sauna for 35 minutes fully dressed. After sweating my butt off in there I took a shower so not to kill the doctor with my sweat and headed back to the office for my second weigh in of the day.

Getting off that elevator I saw my best friend Melanie’s face and I went to her desk and told her I worked hard but I might of drank too much water. She assured me it was going to be ok, so we went back to weigh in and this time we finally 291 I had lost those two pounds in 4 hours!  The overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and joy just swept through me. For most of my life I had always been a quitter I would start something and never finish. But this year alone I had lost 32 pounds, qualified for surgery and quit smoking.

This Angie did not let anyone or anything stand in her way from accomplishing her goals and this was a huge first step for me. So now I am playing the waiting game as I wait to hear from the insurance company and get a date on my surgery. This part I am told goes very quickly usually after they submit my information to the insurance it takes a week or so to get approved and then usually a week later you are having surgery. So this time in my life feels like it is a few weeks before Christmas and I am anxiously awaiting for my present, and that present is a new life. I started this journey as a 326 pound woman who never left her home, would not socialize with anyone for fear of being judged, would not exercise and lived on sodas and cigarettes. Look how far I have come in 6 months if I can do this, so can you.

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  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOO Proud of you!!!!!!! You are a true inspiration to many Angie!!! Congrats and I can’t wait to follow your new journey post surgery!!! WooHoo! Way to ROCK IT Girl!!!!!

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