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Getting Prepared For Gastric Bypass Surgery Part 1 |

Getting Prepared for Gastric Bypass Surgery Part 1

51-rk15PEeL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ I had told everyone on my very first blog post here that I would never sugar coat this process or the surgery I was getting. There was many reasons to this choice the main reason is I am not ashamed or embarrassed that I am seeking out the help of weight loss surgery. Obviously what I have been doing over the years is not working, so to loose this weight in a quick and healthy way I am turning to the experts and seeking Gastric Bypass Surgery.

If you are not familiar with Gastric Bypass Surgery it has changed drastically over the  years, before you would have to be out of work for minimum of six weeks because it was a open incision surgery. Gastric Bypass Surgery now is done laparoscopic which means I will have small incisions on my stomach about one inch in length compared to the old operation. One of the things I knew going into this was that I had to get myself informed so I spent a lot of time online doing my research and joining online support groups to talk to patients so I could get a realistic feel for everything to do with gastric bypass.

One of the benefits of my doctors office is that they offer two support groups that are free of cost to us patients which is a god sent. The first one meets weekly and is lead by a licensed physiologist and that deals with the emotional side of this. Then twice a month we have a different support that is lead by one of two dieticians and in that one we learn all kinds of great ideas and tips on eating healthier and getting moving. So to me these were awesome resources that I wanted to soak up, by joining these groups not only did I get a few family of friends and tons of support, but I am always learning and growing which is a blessing.

Another thing I did during this six month journey was read the book “Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies” this was a great resource that broke down the surgery and everything that goes along with into a easy to understand language. This book helps to carry you through the before process, the surgery itself and then also what happens after surgery and how this surgery will impact the rest of your life. I highly recommend reading books on the subject it does not have to be this one, but the most important thing is that you become your own best advocate by educating yourself. One of the things you have to remember is that this not impacts your body, your mind and your soul, but it also impacts those that love you and live with you.

Over the next few weeks while I am waiting on my surgery date I want to really share with you the process I am going through currently, and what  I have already gone through so that you can see the full process. Now please understand I am not promoting or advocating that weight loss surgery is the way you should go, the bottom line is that weight loss surgery should be your last resort. You should feel like you have tried all avenues and paths first before you turn to weight loss surgery.


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