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Stop Saying “I Can’t” And Just Do It |

Stop Saying “I can’t” and Just Do It

FH_035_BK__95607.1363874675.1280.1280 One of my worst qualities has always being giving  up on things before I even tried them. Over and over in life I would say I can’t do that or I don’t like that food before I had even tried it, and what I am finding out is that because of my own insecurities I have missed out on a lot and also not pushed myself to my potential. A perfect example of how my negative attitude of “I can’t” effected me was yesterday.

Around 11:00 a.m. I had a Doctor’s appointment at a Sleep Clinic in my local hospital, and I have never been to this clinic before so I was not sure where it was located at within the hospital. Coming from water aerobics I found myself rushing to get there and then of course I had to park way out back because there was no parking spaces available. So as I make my way inside I stop by the information desk and ask the lady there where my Doctor’s office was located only to be told it was on the far rear corner of the hospital and up two flights. My immediate reaction was “Oh my god, that is too much walking” and I turned and was getting ready to head to the parking lot to move my car to a closer parking lot. But I stopped, what would moving my car closer prove to myself?

The whole point of going on this journey of getting healthy is changing our habits, or mindset and our old bad behavior. So I put my purse on my shoulder and began power walking to the rear of the hospital. By the time I got to the elevators I am not going to lie to you I was exhausted, then I came across another dilemma do I use the elevator or go up two flights of stairs? This one took some serious debate because stairs are rough on my knees, but I choose to walk up those steps and even though I was five minutes later for my appointment I was so proud of myself.

The best part came when the nurse put me on the scale and I saw the number staring back at me, 291 that was amazing because I started out at 326 and this meant I loss enough weight to qualify for surgery. Immediately I felt tears rolling down my cheeks as the nurse looked up at me worried she had done something wrong, I had to explain to her how hard I had been working to loose weight and start down a road to a healthier life.

Another perfect example of my “I can’t” effecting me this week was Monday night at Zumba class our instructor Katie was showing us the steps the next song and one of the steps was to kick our legs out the side straight and high eight times. Then kick out legs out behind us in a straight leg fashion eight times, and you have to do this really fast for anyone familiar with Zumba. My first reaction was panic that was no way I would be able to do that, but guess what I was able to do that and it was hard and we did it three times. When the song was over I just looked at my reflection in the mirror covered in sweat and said “You Go Girl!”  There is no better feeling in the world than when you silence that negative critic in your own head, we have to try and not let that hold us back anymore. When you get that urge to say “I can’t” instead turn that into “I will try”.



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