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What Your Bathroom Scale Will Not Tell You |

What your Bathroom Scale Will Not Tell You

z1198 So one of the things we have discussed in my support group meetings is how we can tend to obsess over the number on the scale. If the number is not something we were expecting to feel we deserve than we can go into the obsessing part and putting ourselves down. It is viscous circle that is common among people trying to loose weight. Tonight however I read a great article on Spark People called “55 Things the Scale Won’t Tell You” and it had such pointers in the article.

In this article it brought up a lot of great points that hit home with me like if we have worked out like crazy and think we are going to get on that scale and see a huge weight loss and instead we see a weight gain we automatically go into attack mode. Putting ourselves down and getting upsets with the number on the scale. But then the article goes onto explain why do we allow a simple number on the scale have so much control in our lives because it does not tell the whole story of how hard we are working along the way on our journey. Here are some examples they used of what the scale is NOT telling you.

  • How unique your laugh is
  • how much water you drink daily
  • how much you have grown emotionally
  • how motivated you are
  • How good you are at making healthy food choices
  • what a great smile you have
  • how promising your future is
  • how far you can walk
  • how funny you are
  • how many inches you have lost

So the next time we go into our bathrooms and we step on that scale and we see a result that we do not like or was not expecting. Try not to beat yourself up and just remember the scale is just a number and does not tell the true story of your journey.



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