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Silencing The Negative Thoughts That Keep Us Down |

Silencing the Negative Thoughts That Keep Us Down

396294_313426528697317_186309574742347_939836_170420469_n When ever I have a bad day or a bad week I have been really trying to find out why I had a bad day or week and how I can prevent it from happening in the future. One of the things I struggle with just like anyone is those negative thoughts we let hold us down and back from achieving our goals in life. So I thought I would discuss some ways  I have found that might help us to silence those negative thoughts that keep us down. By allowing yourself to pause, and change your negative thinking into a more positive thinking it may help  you to achieve reaching your goals faster.

1-Stop those Negative Thoughts Immediately:

This one is probably easier said than done, and I feel it will be one that I will be working on for awhile. When things go wrong though on our journey whether it be over eating or maybe eating a wrong food choice we have a tendency to be very hard on ourselves and negative. In the grand scheme of things we always punish ourselves worse than anyone could ever do, and sometimes we just need to silence those negative thoughts and try our hardest to find the positive even in our deepest darkest places. For example last week my mistake was I indulged in cupcakes on two separate days and allowed myself to feed myself with cupcakes rather than deal with my real emotions. My first reaction of course after eating those lovely pink cupcakes, was to yell at myself internally and put myself down. But that is not a solution, and certainly does not make feel better. So in the future I will simply try to silence those negative feelings, and dust myself off and continue on my journey.

2-Try Your Hardest To Find the Positive In Every Situation:

Again this is another one that is probably easier said than done, but we need to remember to be loving and nurturing toward ourselves during this journey. We are not perfect by any means and we are going to make mistakes along the way, but finding the positive silver lining in every situation will only help keep you focused on your journey. If you are finding yourself concentrating on your negative qualities rather than your positive ones like we all do. try either journaling and writing down all those amazing strides and accomplishments you have made along the way. So when you have those rough days you can reflect back and see the positive things are doing to change your life.

3-It Is OK to Fall, Just Remember To Pick Yourself Back Up:

We are going to fall so many times on this journey and scrap our egos and knees along the way, the diffrence this time must be that you pick yourself up and keep going on your path. If we fall and give up like we have in the past, we will always be stuck in our patterns of giving up, don’t fall prey to this trap. Maybe you didn’t excercise today and instead stayed home curled up on the couch, or maybe you indulged in a bag of potato chips and ice cream. We all stray from our track and path we are on, but we need to do is pull ourselves back onto our course and continue our fight for a healthier life. It may be helpful to call upon friends, families and co-workers to help keep you on track and encourage you to keep going. We are not perfect and it would unrealistic for you to think that we will not mess up along the way, just don’t sit in your mistakes dust yourself off and start anew again.

4-Don’t Put Yourself Down For Your Mistakes:

This is a hard one for me to overcome but one I am working on. Too often when we make our mistakes we can become our own worst bully to ourselves. verbally telling ourselves what failures we are. The bottom line is that you should not expect that you will be perfect on your journey and punishing yourself when you make a mistake can become a viscous cycle that is very unhealthy. The hard part is trying to live in the present and move on, YES you make a mistake and you ate something you should not of, or maybe you didn’t exercise for a few days. There are ways to correct those, eat healthier from now and try to get more exercise in. There is always a healthier solution than sitting in your home verbally bullying yourself.

5-Encourage Yourself:

This is a hard one but one I am beginning to love, and that is to praise and encourage yourself because if you are not happy with your accomplishments no one else will be. I have a tendency to praise myself for even the smallest victories add changes just so that I keep on my path that I am currently on and so I don’t give up. In the last six months I have done so many things I never thought was possible tonight is a good example. In Zumba class tonight we had this hard sequence where we had to do eight kicks out the side and then eight straight out back. This is an exercise I do regularly in my water aerobics class but I was not sure with my knees and fast pace of the song that I could do it. But I tried it and guess what I surprised myself and I was able to do those exercises. Oh last week I went to the Zoo for the first time in eight years, and was able to walk around and see all the animals. The philosophy I try to live by  is that I don’t know if I can do something if I don’t try so I am trying very hard to try new things, to stay positive and to encourage myself on a daily basis.

6-Learn to LOVE Yourself:

Sounds like a silly concept because we should love ourselves naturally, but unfortunately for whatever reason we put others happiness above our own and we find it hardd to love ourselves. This is a concept that I am working on daily, and I feel like I am getting to know myself for the first time in 42 years and I can honestly say that for the first time I DO LOVE MYSELF and that is a HUGE accomplishment. When I look in the mirror now I am not going to lie and tell you I am happy at what I see staring back at me, but what I see now is a much stronger, happier person staring back me. The physical reflection is going to be changing to reflect the changes that happening within soon. One of the things I do is when you find all of these great sayings on Facebook I write them down on stick it notes and then put them all around my computer monitors, so that I positive sayings that help to keep me motivated along the way.

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