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Getting Back On Track When You Were Derailed |

Getting Back On Track When You Were Derailed

IMG_6155cs Last week  for whatever reason was a tough one on me, I personally think it was for two reasons. One I am nearing the end of my six month supervised diet and I am worried something will go wrong to keep me from getting approved for surgery, and two I am trying to work on those issues that got me here in the first place. By dealing with those emotional issues that got me to the weight I am now, it has tended to make me alot more emotional and sensitive. On Tuesday and Wednesday I got derailed on my diet and I cheated with some cupcakes. Horrible decision and one I regretted the moment I finished them.

On Tuesday I had two cupcakes and I had one on Wednesday. The funny part about this mistake or derailment is that we beat ourselves up better than anyone could. We eat those items whether it be sweet or salty to help satisfy whatever emotional thing we are going through, and in the end it solves nothing because we spend the next two hours emotionally beating ourselves up. It is a vicious circle and one that I need to learn to quit doing, the positive was I controlled my derailment as I could of gone way overboard but I didn’t. The other positive is the “Old Angie” would of been so upset and disappointed that she would of used this derailment as a excuse to quit and just give up. But not this time, my life and the life that I want is literally within reach I feel like I can literally reach out and touch it and I want this more than I have wanted anything in my entire life.

Having surgery and getting healthy is worth more than a damn cupcake and giving up on getting healthy. We all have those days that we screw up and eat with our hearts not with our heads and we screw up. The bottom line is we have a food addiction and this is a process that we have to work on, the difference is are you going to get back up and dust yourself off and start over, or are you going to give up? Trust me I cannot tell you how many times in my life I have chosen the later, it is so much easier to just keep doing the things the same way and ending with the same results, but making a huge lifestyle change like this requires hard work and sacrifice and it is not easy. If I can pick myself up after a cupcake derailment than you can also pick yourself up and know that I am here for everyone of you. We all fall, but we MUST pick ourselves back up and start back onto the track of getting healthy and happy.

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