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Fun And Fullfilling Weekend Of Fun |

Fun and Fullfilling Weekend of Fun

Well my weekend I actually had plenty to do which was AWESOME! Usually on the weekends I tend to have to find things to do being a single gal it can be difficult because everyone is out with their families and my girls are grown. So I push myself each weekend to really get out and do things so I am not stuck at home like I use to be in my hermit crab days as I like to call them.

Saturday my bestie Melanie and I decided that a little retail theraphy with walking was in order, so we went to the Mall with the sole purpose of finding her daughter some shoes for Prom and getting some walking in. Did we get her daughter shoes for prom? NO her daughter convinced her Mom to buy her shirts and tennis shoes and everything else but prom shoes. Trust me this is familiar as my teenage daughter is exactly the same way. While I was out there I decided I would go to the shoe store where I purchased my FAMOUS Pink Nike’s from and if they were cheap I was going to buy a second pair because I get so many compliments on my shoes girl needs a back up pair. So the good news was they were on sale which I was thrilled at but the bad news is they had a sister to my shoe in a diffrent color, this is a serious dilemna people. So now the hard decision was to choose hot pink or hot neon orange and pink. So which ones did I pick?

10157286_10202525004300616_8864267928470518049_n I had to add some variety to my outfit so I choose the orange ones lol So watch out Planet Fitness and the YMCA you will be able to see me coming to work out for miles away. Sunday I got to drag my daughter and our dog and my bestie and her daughter to the park and went walking which was great and then I got to spend the afternoon with my parents and my nephew it was great.

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