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It Is The Small Things That Sometimes Makes The Biggest Diffrence |

It is the small things that sometimes makes the biggest diffrence

10294426_10202471722768611_3665140550693016520_n 10154293_10202471724928665_7381294947029160534_n Today I woke up and it was Easter and the sun was out and I knew I had no plans until around four in the afternoon, so what is a girl to do? Decided since I was not on a time table I would take my time and see how far I could walk, and really try to push myself. So I started out with I am going to talk out of neighborhood and maybe see if I could make it to Walgreens, them I got to Walgreens and I though hmm I made it this far I wonder much farther I could go. So I decided to go up the hill and stop in at Wendy’s and treat myself to a small salad and then I left there and walked along the highway to the CKL of I club and climbed up their hill, and all in all I walked two and half miles and a lot of it was uphill so I was very pleased with myself. After I rested I decided boy I have a lot of energy left, I think I will go to Planet Fitness and workout.

It was such an awesome feeling to push myself and not to give up and let anything stand in my way, such a huge improvement over a few months ago. There is no better feeling in the world than seeing you accomplish something and for the first time in  your life being so proud of yourself you just want to hug yourself . Being proud of myself is a new concept and feeling and something I am not use to, but slowly starting to love. Over the last few months I feel like I have learned so much about myself, such as I am such a stronger person than I have ever given myself credit for. Sometimes it is literally one step at a time, or one exercise at a time.

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