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Making Drinking Water A Habit |

Making Drinking Water A Habit

So I will be the first to admit I really have to push myself to make sure I am getting alot of water in daily, and lately I have found that I am falling short. One of the things I know is that true weight loss is not stay off if I am not pushing myself to drink plenty of water. Now I drink water daily but I also drink other zero calories drinks as well. So I am going to really start to push myself to start making water become a habit in my lifestyle.

Since embarking on this journey I have noticed that I can start to tell when my body is really needing water as I will start to crave it. They say that when you start to feel thirsty that you are already getting dehydrated and you should be drinking water all throughout the day to avoid being thirsty. As I was reading other blogs and Facebook groups where other people were also struggling with getting their water intake in, it made me not feel so alone. This eating healthy is a new and foreign concept to me, especially drinking plenty of water each day so I need to turn this into a habit. By turning drinking water into a habit I will get to the point where it will no longer be hard for me I will just do it automatically because it is a habit.

In the meantime while I am working up to this I stumbled across a few apps that you could download to your Iphone or Android and they are Free apps and are great to help you keep track of your daily water intake. First one is called Daily Water Free-Water by Maxwell Software and it gives you a cute little diagram of glasses and you simply touch each glass and put a checkmark on them when you drink one glass of water as you can see from the diagram below:


The second app is called Waterlogged-Drink More Water and with this one you just input how many ounces you drink at a time and you will see each time you add how much water you have drank it will start to fill up the virtual water jug as shown in the diagram below:

Hopefully one of these apps shown above can help you in starting to make drinking water a true habit in your life. If you download one of these apps and use it let me k now how like them, or if you currently use one of these let us know.

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